January – March 2015

The Booksmith presents PATTON OSWALT/ SILVER SCREEN FIEND: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film
In Patton Oswalt’s own words, SILVER SCREEN FIEND is “the dorkiest addiction memoir ever” and his addiction–film.  It tells the story of his early days [...]
Docunight #11 Infidels / Pilgrimage
Infidels Directed by: Bahman Kiarostami, Produced by: Butimar Production, 2004 / 40 mins A documentary about the Godars, Artist-Gypsies Living in Iran. The Godars are nomadic [...]
SF Sketchfest 2015: Salute to Preston Sturges: "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" with guests Christopher Guest, Michael McKean & Harry Shearer
SF Sketchfest was founded in 2001 by David Owen, Cole Stratton and Janet Varney as a way to showcase the talents of six Bay Area [...]
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
“A stylish and soulful film”  -Terence Johnson, Sundance Review “The biggest honest-to-God discovery of 2014″ - Andrew O’Hehir , “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” is [...]
SF Sketchfest 2015: "Groundhog Day" on Groundhog Day: Film Screening and special Tobolowsky Files with Stephen Tobolowky
SF Sketchfest was founded in 2001 by David Owen, Cole Stratton and Janet Varney as a way to showcase the talents of six Bay Area [...]
Mitra Farahani’s lyrical documentary explores the enigma of provocative artist Bahman Mohassess, the so-called “Persian Picasso,” whose acclaimed paintings and sculptures dominated pre-revolutionary Iran. Irreverent [...]
The 17th San Francisco Independent Film Festival takes place Feb 5-18 at the Brava and Roxie Theaters in SF and the Humanities Hall in Oakland. [...]
2015 Noise Pop Film Series: Hardcore DEVO Live
WEST COAST PREMIERE! Q&A filmmaker Keirda Bahruth and Jerry Casale from Devo No matter how messy, beginnings are exciting. Especially when what happens next endures the [...]
2015 Noise Pop Film Series: Ollies, Dollies & Drones: A Survey of Spike Jonze's Skate Videos
NOISE POP EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! Q&A with special guests One of the best filmmakers of his generation (and indisputably the greatest music video director ever) Spike Jonze [...]
Spike Lee's Da Sweet Blood of Jesus
A Spike Lee Joint, DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS is a new kind of love story, one that centers on an addiction to blood that [...]
2015 Noise Pop Film Series: BEAUTIFUL NOISE
SAN FRANCISCO PREMIERE! There was no machismo, no rockstar posturing, and definitely no gyrating. Save for the occasional tiff they had with pretentious NME journalists, [...]
2015 Noise Pop Film Series: SALAD DAYS: The Birth of Punk in the Nation’s Capital
WEST COAST PREMIERE! Q&A with director Scott Crawford and Mark Haggerty (Gray Matter), Meghan Adkins and Nicky Thomas (Fire Party) They weren’t the first and [...]
7/223:45pmBig Roxie
Brace yourself for another meeting of malcontents gathered to vent right back at the Holly-white Boys Club bent on publicly patting itself for another year [...]
“Kodi Smit-McPhee plays a teen grappling with loss in Portland, Oregon” -Hollywood Reporter Youth coming-of-age drama starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, Virginia Madsen, Evan Ross, Isabelle [...]
Science on Screen℠: Sleep Dealer
Join Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley J Karl Hedrick for a revealing and timely exploration of the science of unmanned aircraft systems, followed [...]