March – May 2015

Czech That Film: KRÁSNO
Come see new and exciting films at the fourth annual Czech That Film festival, showcasing the best of Czech cinema in 18 cities across the [...]
On March 31 Film on Film Foundation and the Roxie present: FEMMES-PLOITATION! Rothman’s TERMINAL ISLAND & Bigelow’s NEAR DARK  Breaking into the men’s world of [...]
Hal Hartley's NED RIFLE
A funny, sad, and sexy adventure, Ned Rifle is an intellectually stimulating and compassionate satire. Ned Rifle is the third and final chapter of [...]
Sin Visa
Marco crosses the Mexico-U.S. border at the age of 17 and settles in San Jose, California. As an undocumented immigrant, he faces physical, verbal, emotional, [...]
Hal Hartley double feature program: "Henry Fool" & "Fay Grim"
HENRY FOOL (1997) 137min. U.S.A. Socially inept garbage man Simon is befriended by Henry Fool, a witty roguish, but talentless novelist. Henry opens a magical [...]
Short Circuit 2015
A New Short Film Program from France presented at the Roxie Theatre “Short Circuit” introduces a selection of French Short films from a new filmmakers’ [...]
Invasion of the Body Snatchers double feature
Spoke Art and Trailers from Hell present: Invasion of the Body Snatchers double feature with special guests Philip Kaufman (director –  Invasion ’78) and Sam [...]
The Reconstruction of William Zero
If H.G. Wells were alive today (and maybe through cloning, he could be), he would surely approve of this suburban mad-scientist tale. -Peter Debruge, Variety [...]
Oakland Originals
Short documentaries highlighting what makes Oakland a uniquely vibrant and thrilling city. Filmmakers : Jim McSilver & Erin Palmquist in person! Oakland Originals is a series of short documentaries [...]
34th Annual Black Maria FIlm Festival Tour
Directors: Christopher Upham and Catherine Axley are in Person and Dolissa Medinafor joins via Skype for Q&A The films that become the centerpiece of the [...]
Nippon Nights #8: GHOST IN THE SHELL
Nippon Nights is a monthly series presenting different genres, styles and generations of Japanese Cinema to Bay Area audiences. Check out our upcoming screenings: Join [...]
Animator Bill Plympton in person for the 9:30pm show on April 17! A newlywed wife proves the depth of her love by becoming her cheating [...]
No animals were harmed in the making of this movie. 70 members of the cast and crew were. ROAR is an infamous, rarely seen ’80s [...]
Revenge Of The Mekons
“Infectious…contagious” —The New York Times (Critics’ Pick) “Jubilant” —The Village Voice (Critics’ Pick) “Moving and raucous” —Time Out New York (Critics’ Pick) Political provocateurs. Social agitators. Punk’s reigning [...]
Footsteps of Godzilla
Classic movie with post-show Q&A with Godzilla Expert A special double header event, perfect for fans of Godzilla! First we’ll watch the original film from [...]
BAY AREA DOCS: Capturing Grace
Filmmaker David Iverson, a radio broadcaster known to Bay Area audiences as the Friday former host of KQED’s Forum call-in show, was himself diagnosed with Parkinson’s in [...]
Heaven Adores You
“Nickolas Rossi’s documentary is a gorgeous recounting of Smith’s life, beautiful and troublesome, and the influence he had on everyone.” ~ Chad Liffman, Heaven Adores [...]
Bay Area Docs: Finding the Gold Within
“Inspiring, heartbreaking, and unflinchingly honest, this film is not just about the journeys these men must take, but the journeys we all must share to [...]
BAY AREA DOCS: American Vagabond
**Filmmaker in attendance for a post-screening Q&A Chipping away at the myth of San Francisco as a promised land for all gays, AMERICAN VAGABOND is [...]
Amelie and City of Lost Children - 35mm double feature!
Join us Friday, May 23rd for a one-night-only screening of two classic Jeunet and Caro films, Amelie and the City of Lost Children, both shown [...]