March – December 2013

ROCK SEE! - A CONCERT FOR THE ROXIE @ Verdi CLub | San Francisco | California | United States
Rated: R    Runtime: 240 mins. The Roxie gives you THREE, count them THREE great events on April 5th! Our scheduled screenings at the Roxie and Little [...]
Rated: NR    Runtime: 90 mins. SAN FRANCISCO PREMIERE! Like Alice in a brutally violent wonderland, Ray Saxx, Jr. wakes up trapped in K-11, a very unique [...]
The Counselor
The Counselor
A rich and successful lawyer named Counsellor is about to get married to his fiancée but soon meets up with the middle-man known as [...]
Wrap Your Arms Around A stranger: Roxie fundraiser
Do you hear that sound on the roof? Could it be? Is it – oh my gosh! It’s Santa Claus! And he wants you to [...]