September – November 2014

Dr. Strangelove and the Shining
Dr. Strangelove and the Shining – 35mm double feature – presented by Spoke Art Join us Sunday, September 28th for a one night only screening [...]
NAS: Time is Illmatic
Written by Erik Parker and produced by One9, Parker, and Anthony Saleh, the film follows the trajectory of Nas’ 1994 landmark debut album, “Illmatic” – [...]
Pirate Night: Last Hijack
* Berlin Film Festival 2014 * * New York Film Festival 2014 * * South By Southwest 2014 * Last Highjack directed by Tommy Pallotta [...]
Drawing on the concept that the first 21 years defines the career of an artist, this feature-length doc explores Linklater’s career from the trailblazing, [...]
“There are not many artists who can combine the lifecycle of a jellyfish with a breakbeat and make it work. But this is an [...]
Co-Presented by SF Sketchfest A documentary that follows Dan Harmon on tour for his podcast series after he was fired from Community in 2012. ★SPECIAL [...]
Filmmaker RODRIGO REYES IN PERSON for Q&A after the screening! “A searing, horrifying, at times starkly beautiful documentary ode to the netherworlds surrounding the U.S.-Mexico barrier” [...]
Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek
Filmmaker Leah Mahan with Turkey Creek hero Rose Johnson and Sierra Club’s Leslie Fields in person! Come Hell or High Water follows the painful but inspiring [...]