October 2015

Japanese Horror Week
Sunday, October 25 -Saturday, October 31 This Halloween, the Roxie brings San Francisco a whole week of modern Japanese horror classics. Since the late ’80s, [...]
Japanese Horror Week: Audition
It turns into a hallucinatory nightmare of female revenge that will pin back the audience’s eyelids.  -Bob Graham, San Francisco Chronicle Controversial Japanese director Takashi Miike [...]
Japanese Horror Week: Ju-On: The Grudge
Directed by Takashi Shimizu, The Grudge follows volunteer homecare worker Rika Nishida (Megumi Okina), whose altruism leads her to Chiharu (Yui Ichikawa), a catatonic old [...]
Japanese Horror Week: KAIRO (Pulse)
Where the average Japanese horror flick is petulant and nasty, Pulse is dolorous, shivery, and surreal. -Wesley Morris, Boston Globe A website, which at first appears [...]
Japanese Horror Week: Noriko's Dinner Table
One of the most ambitious tonal mash-ups in memory, Noriko’s Dinner Table is a domestic comedy, a bloody psychological thriller and a comment on the [...]