May 2, 2014 - May 8, 2014

Writer-Director Henry Jaglom gives us a bracingly funny, fearless and fast-paced human comedy set in a struggling Los Angeles television station threatened by economic downturn, possible in-house graft and massive job loss. Tanna Frederick plays Moxie, a children’s TV show actress who unexpectedly finds herself leading an extraordinary band of rebelling women demanding their rights as they anxiously face uncertain futures after their new boss (Michael Imperioli) and his second-in-command (Robert Hallak) arrive from New York on a devastating cost-cutting mission.

All of Moxie’s personal and professional assumptions and those of her long-time boyfriend (Corey Feldman) are turned upside-down as her mother, two aunts and stepfather join with dozens of her fellow female office workers to illuminate the struggles, challenges and joys of what is still, in some circles, referred to as ‘The Change Of Life.’

Directed by Henry Jaglom. With Tanna Frederick, Michael Imperioli, Corey Feldman. 2013. US. Digital. 120 mins. MPAA Rating: R

May 7, 2014

Wednesday, May 7 at 7pm & 9pm

Quake K photoshopped

Emerging dance filmmaker Erin Malley offers a preview look at her newest work, Quake. The evening will include a selection of dance film shorts from around the country.

“It will be an experimental film, a rite of passage. It will be alabaster & midnight blue. It will feel like vibration & pressure. It will smell like friction.” – Malley

Directed by Erin Malley. With Katharine Hawthorne, Daria Kaufman, Stacey Swan. 2014. US. Digital. MPAA Rating: NR


May 16, 2014 - June 5, 2014

“At its heart, DOCUMENTED asks what it means to be American. The film succeeds because it moves well beyond an abstract debate about the very timely subject. It lets us get to know a living person caught in the middle of it.” – Mark Collins, Daily Camera

“A moving and intimate work…” – Matt Brennan, IndieWIRE

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailIn 2011, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas outed himself as an undocumented immigrant in the New York Times Magazine. DOCUMENTED chronicles his journey to America from the Philippines as a child; his journey through America as an immigration reform activist/provocateur; and his journey inward as he re-connects with his mother, whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years. Written and directed by Jose Antonio Vargas. Digital. 2013, 89 mins..

“To me, politics is culture. I became a journalist, and later, a filmmaker, to get to know my adoptive country and my volatile place in it as a gay, undocumented, Filipino American. As a newcomer to America who learned to “speak American” by watching movies, I firmly believe that to change the politics of immigration and citizenship, we must change culture—the way we portray undocumented people like me and our role in society. That’s why I felt compelled to take charge of my own narrative and write, produce, and direct DOCUMENTED. This film, to me, is as much an artistic statement as it is a political one: I am not the “illegal” you think I am, and immigration is not what you think it is.” – Jose Antonio Vargas

May 23, 2014 - May 29, 2014


Thursday, May 29, 7pm

Post-screening discussion with lactation consultant Tracy Massillon, moderated by doula Susan Arthur




BREASTMILK, the new documentary by first-time filmmaker Dana Ben-Ari, is an unflinchingly provocative, humorous, informative and inspirational exploration of just how, when and why the next generation gets fed.  The film dives into the fray of what really happens among new parents – those who want to breastfeed, those who can’t breastfeed and a whole culture caught up in the heady mix of stress, bliss and judgment that have made breastfeeding choices a matter of polarizing social debate. 

BREASTMILK uncovers all the most surprising and concealed aspects of what it means to have milk: from hooter hiders to work-place pumping, from career moms to gay parents, from wet nurses to sex practices, from freaked-out fathers and impassioned “lactivists” to the moms who halt breastfeeding before their infant is 6 months old. The result is an illuminating portrait of an everyday human subject rarely shown on film. Aiming beyond simplistic debates over what is natural or normal, BREASTMILK scopes out new territory.  For the film is not only a revealing inquiry into our modern approach to one of the body’s most remarkable functions – it’s also an examination of how the most personal things become political and a stirring sketch of the breathtakingly diverse experience of modern parenthood itself. CAVU Pictures presents BREASTMILK, directed and produced by Dana Ben-Ari (making her feature film debut) and executive produced by Ricki Lake (“The Ricki Lake Show,” “The Business of Being Born”) and Abby Epstein (“The Business of Being Born”).

Directed by Dana Ben-Ari. 2014. Digital. 91 mins. NR

Director Dana Ben-Ari IN PERSON
Friday, May 23rd, after the 7pm show
Saturday, May 24th after 11:15am & 3pm shows!!!!


June 20, 2014 - June 26, 2014




Friday, June 20 – Thursday, June 26

OPENING NIGHT TICKETS GRANT FREE ADMISSION TO SINGING’ & PINGIN’ AT THE VERDI CLUB!  KARAOKE AND PING PONG!  Q&A WITH PRODUCER GEORGE RUSH ON FRIDAY NIGHT!  1985. Ocean City, Maryland. There’s love in the salty summer air, something special in the frozen drinks, and only one way to solve teenage class warfare – on the ping pong table, of course! Can Radical Miracle win the heart of Rhonda over rich bully Lyle and his sniveling sidekick Dale? PING PONG SUMMER is a rollicking and heartfelt comedy originating from a place of Polaroid-burned nostalgia. Starring Marcello Conte, Lea Thompson & Susan Sarandon. Dir: Michael Tully. 2014. Digital. 92 mins

July 4, 2014 - July 10, 2014






SKYPE Q&A with FILMMAKER KAT CANDLER & SOUND DESIGNER PETE HORNER FOLLOWING THE 7:15PM SHOW ON SATURDAY NIGHT!  IN-PERSON Q&A WITH PRODUCER JONATHAN DUFFY FOLLOWING THE 7:15pm SHOW TUESDAY NIGHT!  Obsessed with heavy metal, dirt bike racing and partaking in acts of vandalism with his buddies, the behavior of 13-year-old Jacob Wilson has begun to raise concerns around town, especially when it starts to involve his younger brother Wes.  The boys’ father Hollis is still reeling from the loss of their mother and spends more time drowning his sorrows at the bar than being an active parent. Eventually the law intercedes and Wes is taken into custody by his Aunt Pam, leaving Jacob and Hollis to fend for themselves. In Wes’ absence, Jacob becomes increasingly obsessed with two things: winning a local motocross championship and getting his brother back. Starring Aaron Paul, Josh Wiggins & Juliette Lewis.  Dir: Kat Candler.  2014.  Digital.  94 mins.  

July 15, 2014


Post Screening Q&A with Director Kerry Candaele!

“Thrilling…smartly assembled and gracefully paced.” — New York Times

“The film is beautiful and powerful…If millions could experience its affirming and incandescent message, we might turn around the destructive dynamics that are overwhelming the earth.”–Bill Moyers

“Each anecdote builds upon the next to create that rarest of films: a documentary as ineffable and transformative in its reach as it sets out to be.”–Village Voice

FOLLOWING THE NINTH tells the story of people whose lives have been transformed, repaired and healed by Beethoven’s Ninth message: Alle Menschen werden Bruder (All People Are Brothers) Director Kerry Candaele follows the artistic, cultural, and political impact of the Ninth across five continents and ten countries, from Tiananmen Square to the Berlin Wall to the prisons of Pinochet’s Chile and the townships of South Africa, tracing the ways in which its grand, soaring melody and inspiring words of peace, tolerance, and love have sustained hope in a manner that few works of art have ever achieved. Dir: Kerry Candaele – 2013 – 85 Minutes

July 16, 2014

Co-presented by Fandor


Cold Lands

Mother dead and wary of the authorities, 11 year-old Atticus flees deep into the forests, relying on whatever food and shelter he can find.  He latches on to Carter, a pot-smoking drifter, and as their interdependence grows, neither is sure they made the right decision.

Dir: Tom Gilroy.  2014.  Digital. 101 mins.  7pm.

Join us for drinks next door at Dalva following the screening. Courtesy of Fandor.

Free for members!

July 18, 2014 - July 24, 2014


During the seven years chronicled in the film, artist and one-man-band musician Llyn Foulkes creates, destroys and recreates a pair of large-scale, three-dimensional paintings, one that costs him his marriage, while trying to keep afloat in the fickle art market. With music written and performed by Foulkes on a massive, fanciful, self-invented musical instrument he calls “The Machine,” LLYN FOULKES ONE MAN BAND is an intimate portrait of an artist battling his own demons as well as the perceived demons of the art world.

Dirs: Tamar Halpern & Chris Quilty.  2014.  Digital.  82 mins.  Nightly at 7pm.

Free for members!

July 20, 2014

Windy Day Em Resize


Sunday, July 20

Q&A WITH NOTED ANIMATOR – AND DAUGHTER OF JOHN AND FAITH – EMILY HUBLEY AFTER THE 6PM SHOW! A traveling program of films by animators John and Faith Hubley, all in new 35mm prints, celebrating John Hubley’s 100th birthday.

ADVENTURES OF AN *  – A baby, represented by the “ * ” symbol, delights in the visual excitement of the world. As he matures, his ability to see diminishes. Eventually, his own child freshens his vision.  Produced and Written by John and Faith Hubley in collaboration with James Johnson Sweeney.  Dir: John Hubley. 1956, 11 mins.

TENDER GAME  – A jazz version of the song “Tenderly,” provides the soundtrack for a delicate tale of love.  Produced and Written by John Hubley  Music Performed by Ella Fitzgerald and the Oscar Peterson Trio: Ray Brown, bass and Herb Ellis, guitar.  1958, 6 mins.

MOONBIRD – In a magical adventure, two brothers hunt an imaginary bird. Their dialogue is improvised.  Produced and Written by John and Faith Hubley.  Voices of Mark and Ray Hubley.  Dir: John Hubley.  1959.  10 mins. 

THE HAT  – Two soldiers patrol the border between their counties. When one accidentally drops his helmet over the line, the other refuses to give it back – setting the scene for a witty exploration of peace through world law.  Music and Voices by Dizzy Gillespie and Dudley Moore.  Produced and Written by John and Faith Hubley for The World Law Fund.  Dir: John Hubley.  1964.  19 mins.

URBANISSIMO – A comic allegory depicting a runaway “city” devouring its environs. A farmer has an encounter with the “city” and deserts his rural home for the imagined joys of urban life.  Produced by John and Faith Hubley for Expo ’67, Montreal.  Music by Benny Carter.  Dir: John Hubley.  1967. 6 mins.

WINDY DAY – An improvised dialogue of two little girls is the background for the expressive visualization of their view of marriage and babies, love and death.  Voices of Emily and Georgia Hubley.  Produced and Directed by John and Faith Hubley.  1968. 9 mins.

OF MEN AND DEMONS – A simple fisherman faces the challenges posed by climate and modernity as personified by three resourceful demons.  Music by Quincy Jones  Produced and Directed by John and Faith Hubley.  1968. 9 mins.

EGGS – Mother Nature bickers with Death over control of humankind before a fateful decision is made.  Music by Quincy Jones.  Voices of David Burns, Anita Ellis, and Grady Tate.  Produced and Written by John and Faith Hubley
Dir: John Hubley.  1970.  10 mins.


The Hat Web Resize


Organized in collaboration with the Hubley family, Cinema Conservancy’s centennial tour coincides with The Believer Magazine’s 2014 Film Issue. The issue will feature a DVD with a number of the Hubleys’ films, including “Cockaboody” (1973), “The Hole” (1963), and “Date With Dizzy” (1958), as well as commercials, home movies and storyboards.

Visually striking, playful and innovative, the selected films address a wide range of topics – from urbanization and overpopulation to two boys’ search for a pet bird – and feature the voices of Dizzy Gillespie, Dudley Moore, and the Hubleys’ children (Emily, Georgia, Mark and Ray), as well as music from Benny Carter, The Oscar Peterson Trio and Quincy Jones.

John Hubley began his training at Disney (where his participation in the studio’s famous 1941 strike caused him and other animators to be fired and later blacklisted) and went on to the Army’s Motion Picture Unit and UPA. The personal and creative partnership between John and Faith (Elliott) Hubley lasted from the 1950’s until John’s death in 1977. True to their marriage vow to finish one independent film per year, the Hubleys created over 20 animated films together, winning three Academy Awards (for “Moonbird,” “The Hole,” and 1966’s “Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass Double Feature”), in addition to taking on ads, commissions and segments for TV shows such as Sesame Street and The Electric Company. Faith Hubley went on to make 23 more films after 1977.

Breaking new artistic ground and exploring urgent topics in their films, the Hubleys rebelled, as John told animation historian John Canemaker, “against the sweet sentimental chipmunk and bunnies idiom of animation.” They favored a modern aesthetic, using techniques such as wax-resistance, oil painting and bottom-lit watercolors. In their experimentations with improvised dialogue and music, the pair found inspiration everywhere, from conversations between New York construction workers to the musings of their own children. Cinema Conservancy is thrilled to be bringing the Hubley’s work back to theaters in 2014.

ADVENTURES OF AN *, THE TENDER GAME, and URBANISSIMO were preserved by The Museum of Modern Art with support from the Celeste Bartos Fund for Film Preservation.


A CINEMA CONSERVANCY RELEASE.  TOTAL PROGRAM RUNNING TIME: 80 mins.  35mm.  Shows Sunday, July 20 at (2pm), 4pm, 6pm & 8pm.

 Read the IndieWire piece on the series here!