January – February 2014

On the Other Side of You: New Korean Films
January 16, 2014


1. 콩나물 Sprout, 2013 윤가은

– Story

The family preparing for their grandfather’s ancestral offering, forget to buy bean sprouts. Like Abbas Kiarostami’s Where Is My Friend’s House, a girl gets lost on her way to market. She ends up in a house of an old man in a straw hat. That night on the ancestral offering table, she puts a sunflower she got from the old man.

할아버지의 제삿날, 7살 소녀 보리는 바쁜 엄마를 대신해 콩나물을 사 오려 한다. 생애 처음, 집 밖으로 홀로 떠나는 여행! 과연 보리는 혼자서 무사히 콩나물을 사 올 수 있을까?


2. 9월이 지나면 When September Ends, 2013  고형동

– Story

Sun-young’s plan for design competition goes missing a day before the deadline. Sun-young suspects Ji-yeon, but Seung-jo stands up for Ji-yeon.

공모전 설계도 제출을 하루 앞두고 선영의 설계도가 사라진다. 선영은 지연을 의심하고, 승조는 지연을 감싸준다.


3. 나의 오른쪽, 당신의 왼쪽 On the other side of you, 2012 이주영

– Story

The youth where failure and happy ending and go makes you smile and cry.

실패와 해피엔드가 수없이 오고 가며, 생각하면 눈물이 나다가도 웃음이 나는. 이러한 청춘은 분명 모든 사람들의 인생에 존재한다.


4. 사십구일째 날 49th DAY, 2010 강진아

– Story

Family members left behind, who have played different parts in their lives, fail to disguise their habits and expectations.

남겨진 가족, 서로 다른 역할 속에 지내온 습관들만 끝도 없이 이어집니다.



5. 팡팡이 익스프레스 Trampoline express, 2014 최신춘


– Story


High school best friends are traveling to JeCheon on impulse. By chance, they stumble upon a shabby amusement park that catches their attention, and one of their friends has disappear.

여고시절부터 단짝이었던 세 친구는 어느 날 충동적으로 제천여행을 떠난다. 우연히 발견한 허름한 놀이공원의 기묘한 분위기에 끌려 입장하는 세 친구. 그리고 한 친구가 사라진다.

In partnership with the Korea National University of Arts. Curated by Jee Yeon Min.




Docunight #1: Statues of Tehran
February 25, 2014


Presented by Docunight, in collaboration with National Iranian American Council
The Statues of Tehran interrogates the function of monuments in today’s Tehran, an ideology-ridden postmodern megalopolis, afflicted with forgetfulness. It tracks the fate of two important public sculptures, the first, a pioneering work commissioned by the royal family in the 1970s, of then foremost modern sculptor Bahman Mohassess; the second a tribute to the Islamic Revolution standing in Enghelab Circus (Revolution Roundabout), by Iraj Esskandari. Under the aegis of the revolution, the first was destined for neglect and eventually storage, while the second became a landmark in the city’s myriad public projects celebrating the revolution and the Iran-Iraq War. Not for long, it would seem are plans have been setin motion to remove that second monument to build a subway station,much to the jubilation of artists and officials, who are even inspired to restore the Bahman Mohassess work and re-erect it in its original place.
Director: Bahman Kiarostami. 2008
About Docunight
Every last Tuesday of every month, Docunight will screen a documentary about, around, in, made by Iran or Iranians.  The screenings will take place on the same night across several cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, and Dubai (the list of locations is growing). Docunight films will be diverse in subject and will run the gamut.  All films will have English subtitles.