A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile
July 24, 2015 - July 30, 2015

theaminaprofile5A GAY GIRL IN DAMASCUS: THE AMINA PROFILE explores the story of Amina Arraf, a Syrian- American revolutionary whose blog “A Gay Girl in Damascus” acquires a huge following as the Syrian uprising gains momentum. Sandra Bagaria, a smart, young Montreal professional, is involved in an online affair with her when Amina is allegedly abducted by the Syrian secret police—sparking an international movement to save her from torture, rape or even death.

Playing out like a detective story, A GAY GIRL IN DAMASCUS: THE AMINA PROFILE involves American intelligence agencies, major global media outlets, and a host of activists and sympathizers. But what starts as a love story becomes a tale of deceit and betrayal enabled by the global Internet and viral social media.

Directed by Sophie Deraspe. 84 minutes. English, French, and Arabic with English subtitles.