BAY AREA DOCS: Capturing Grace
April 30, 2015

Filmmaker David Iverson, a radio broadcaster known to Bay Area audiences as the Friday former host of KQED’s Forum call-in show, was himself diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004 and will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A.

This event is presented by the San Francisco Dance Film Festival and SF DocFest.

CapturingGrace_Poster_3This award winning documentary is about an unlikely intersection between two very different worlds – one is occupied by a legendary dance company, people who move with beauty, the other by people who live with Parkinson’s disease and sometimes struggle to move at all.  Capturing Grace tells the story of what happens when a world renowned dance group joins forces with people with Parkinson’s to stage a unique performance.  Over the course of a year, the film captures the hopes, fears, frustrations and triumphs of this newly forged community.  s_CapturingGrace_Photo_1Challenging our expectations about illness and art, it’s a story filled with enduring characters who demonstrate the transformative power of art and the strength of the human spirit as a remarkable community of dancers–some professional, some not –  come together to capture grace. 

Directed by David Iverson, 60min., 2014, U.S.A.

BAY AREA DOCS: Havana Curveball
May 16, 2015

Mica-ballfield Filmmaker Ken Schneider in person for Q&A after the screening!

Thirteen-year-old Mica takes to heart his Rabbi’s dictate to help “heal the world,” and launches a grand plan to send baseballs to Cuba—a country with a mysterious pull. He knows only that Cubans have few resources, love baseball, and gave his Jewish grandpa refuge during the Holocaust. His filmmaker parents know a curveball is coming…

Directed by Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider, 60min., USA | Cuba | Canada, 2014

BAY AREA DOCS: American Vagabond
May 18, 2015

**Filmmaker and Subject in attendance for post-screening Q&A with film critic Tom Silka (President San Francisco Film Critics Circle)

AV2Chipping away at the myth of San Francisco as a promised land for all gays, AMERICAN VAGABOND is a moving love story of two young misfits, a homeless gay couple, and their attempts to stay together against overwhelming odds.  What can you do if you’re 18, gay, and living with your parents in a conservative part of the United States?  You head to San Francisco, “the gayest city in the world,” in search for a sense of belonging. But all hope of a warm gay welcome and a sense of belonging soon evaporates as housing becomes a financial impossibility and social acceptance within the older, wealthier gay community beyond their reach.

AV1San Francisco isn’t particularly hospitable for penniless newcomers, and the boys end up on the streets in the shadow of the city – stranded in a world of homeless people and the community of other kicked-out queer youth.

Directed by Susanna Helke, 85min., 2013, Finland