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Friday, September 1 - Wednesday, September 6

Blossoms of Fire

Imagine a place where men and women are partners, political self-determination is regarded as a birthright, and homosexuals are respected members of society. Feminist utopia? Gay dream spot? Some futuristic course of Western civilization? In the unlikely location of southern Oaxaca, Mexico, "one is first a human being and only second, and incidentally, a man or a woman; to quote writer Beverly Chinas. Blossoms of Fire/ Ramo de Fuego pays tribute to a unique indigenous community that defies stereotypes.
The Isthmus region, home to 350,000 Zapotec people, is known as Mexico's matriarchy where the imposing, flowery-skirted women have a history of kowtowing to no one, be it Spanish invaders, the modern day Mexican government, or their own husbands. The Zapotecs live by values which often have ancient roots, causing us to rethink our own notions of what it means to be "modern." In a world that's characterized today by globalization and homogenization, the Zapotecs offer an example of a people who are stronger for nurturing their own culture, language and alternative ways of being. Produced and directed by Maureen Gosling and Ellen Osborne. In Color. 16mm. 72 mins. 2000. USA. U.S. THEATRICAL PREMIERE. Nightly at 6:00, 8:00, 9:45; Sat, Sun and Wed matinees at 2:00 and 4:00.

"Blossoms' depicts strong, sexually empowered women"SF Examiner
"Strong-Minded Women And Revolutionaries Filmmaker looks at unique Mexican town."SF Chronicle
"Exuberantly upbeat film about North America's most successful surviving matriarchy"B.A.R.


Thursday, September 7 - Saturday, September 9
Arab Film Festival

Cinemayaat, the Arab Film Festival - and the Bay Area's most successful annual Arab cultural event returns to the Roxie for three great days of film and video. This year's festival will screen over 25 independently produced feature films, shorts and documentaries that explore the complex social, political and personal issues confronting contemporary Arabs. For more information visit Arab Film Festival

Read more: SF Chronicle

Sunday - Monday, September 10 - 11
Trade Off

Awarded "Best Documentary" at the Seattle Film Festival, this incendiary new film records the startling events leading up to last November's showdown at the World Trade Organization confab in Seattle, when the forces of capitalism battled an amazing array of opponents ready to put the brakes on relentless globalization. The attending delegates and politicos may have expected the Seattle meeting to be just another rah-rah rubber-stamp fest for the establishment, but what they got were riots in the streets and a raft of bad press. This hot-potato of a political film will no doubt serve as a media textbook on how to raise a ruckus. At the center of the hubbub is freelance organizer Mike Dolan (often described as "the Schwarzenegger of leftist insurgency"),
Tom Hayden, Minnesota senator Paul Wellstone, super-articulate Indian delegate Vandana Shiva, media prankster Michael Moore, and veteran shit disturber Jerry Mander. But most striking are the passion, knowledge and humor of the demonstration participants, who range from incensed college students to Teamster boss Jim Hoffa and reps from farmers' unions in France and even farther abroad. Produced by Thomas Lee Wright. Directed by Shaya Mercer. Color. 95 mins. 2000. Sunday at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00; Mon at 6:00, 8:00, 10:00.

Note: The Sunday 8:00 show has a special admission price ($7-20 sliding scale) to benefit Ralph Nader's Public Citizen. Activist Mike Dolan, director Shaya Mercer, and producer Thomas Wright will all be in attendance for Sunday night's screening. For more information log onto www.wrightanglemedia.com. TRADE OFF is being released in tandem with the international launch of "Shrink Or Sink", an international grass roots campaign to help finish the fight begun in Seattle. They can be contacted at tradewatch.org.

Tuesday - Wednesday, September 12 - 13
Smoke & Mirrors
A History of Denial

Using interviews, archival news reels, historical footage, film clips, photographs, PSAs, advertisements, and various television commercials,Smoke and Mirrors tells the story of the birth and rise of the cigarette during its "age of innocence", and explores how the industry dealt with the realization that their very successful product was also poisonous. When the tobacco merchants set to work marketing cigarettes in the early years of the twentieth century, they did not know of their product's dangers. But by the 1940s, the scientific case against the cigarette was mounting, but only first became widely known to the public in the 1950s, a time when over half of the American population smoked and cigarettes had become part and parcel of daily life. The seeds of the tobacco industry's denial were planted during this time, and continued to grow and evolve throughout the century. Today, the industry carries along with it fifty years of documented denial which is finally coming back to haunt them. Produced and directed by Torrie Rosenzweig. Color. 16mm. 75 mins. 1999. Presented in assocation with The American Lung Assn. Tues at 6:00, 8:00, 10:00; Wed at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00.

Director Torrie Rosenzweig as well as representatives from the American Lung Assn. will be present after the 8:00 show on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Thursday, September 14
Beach Boys Summer Special!

Join us for a special program of rare Beach Boys footage and music. A big night of fun, fun, fun with vintage film of Brian Wilson and his boys singing, playing and cavorting. Many surprises are in store during this one of a kind presentation. Also appearing will be Jon Stebbins, author of the new book 'Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy". Jon will be signing books and, with his special guests, will conduct an open discussion on the Beach Boys and their timeless music. Be sure to catch this wave! Two complete shows: 7:00 and 9:30.

BEACH BOYS event to feature LIVE MUSIC by Brian Wilson-inspired trance-trio

The Bouncedowns, the highly enigmatic Brian Wilson-inspired trance-trio, will be making their much anticipated "live" debut on Thursday, September 14 at The Roxie Cinema for the Mission District art house's "Beach Boys Summer Speciall" event. The Bouncedowns incorporate Beach Boy melodies with their own peculiarly haunting presentation, resulting in powerful, trance-like rhythms. Fans of the trio claim the music "sets them free in groovy new ways." In an official statement by The Bouncedowns, Marq Dee commented: "We're a cork on the ocean." When asked if rumors about an upcoming CD were true, Dee said: "My buddies and me are getting real well known." Somewhere in-between lies the truth. For your own amusement and amazement, check out The Bouncedowns at the Roxie on Thursday, September 14 for two shows (7:00 and 9:30).

Friday, September 15 - Sunday, September 17
Cine Latino!
8th Annual Cine Accion Festival !

Cine Accion, the nation's oldest Latino media arts organization, presents the Bay Area's premiere Latino film festival, showcasing films from the U.S. and Latin America. Come check out this 8th annual exhibition of new Latino cinema, featuring cutting edge features, documentaries, and shorts.

To see a what's playing log onto: SCHEDULE. For more information, contact Cine Accion at (415)553-8140, or visit the www.cineaccion.com. See the Festival trailer now at reelmind.

Monday & Tuesday, September 18 - 19

pick Axe

Sit in a tree and you might be able to save it; block the only road in and you can save a whole forest. PickAxe is a story of forest arson and citizen action in Oregon’s old growth. This documentary takes a side and follows the activists who blockade a logging road for 11 months. Before it's over they will face ten foot snow drifts, a 75 day hunger strike, an armed federal raid on the camp and a riot in jail. Directed by Tim Ream and Tim Lewis. In Color. Video. 95 mins. 2000. USA. BAY AREA THEATRICAL PREMIERE! Mon and Tue at 6:00, 8:00, 10:00.

Filmmakers in person both evenings! For more info take a swing at pickAxe or call 1-888-pickaxe. Feel free to LOG onto Save Americas Forests

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