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Friday - Sunday, November 1 -3
Arab Film Festival

6TH Annual cinemayaat

The 6th Annual Arab Film Festival—the largest independent film festival in the United States showcasing films produced by and/or about Arabs and Arab Americans—will be screening three full days of films and once again promises to provide an opportunity for Arab films to enhance public understanding of Arab culture, art, history and politics. For more details on all the films, events and program, and purchasing tickets on-line, visit our web site at: For a complete description of the films, log onto Films.

Fri Nov 1:
A GIRL’S SECRET (91 mins. Egypt, 2001) + Taxi Service (12 mins.) 7:30
RANA’S WEDDING (87 mins. Palestine, 2002) 9:45

Sat Nov 2:
LILI (40 mins. Egypt, 2001) + INSAN (27 mins.) and CHILDREN OF IBDAA (30 mins.) 12 Noon
THE MUTE (42 mins. Iraq, 2001) + SHATTER HASSAN (42 mins) and LEILA’S PICTURES (20 mins.) 2:00
GAZA STRIP (74 mins. USA, 2002) + DON’T BELONG HERE, NOT GOING THERE (21 mins.) 4:00
SEPTEMBER 11TH PROGRAM (Approx. 90 mins) 6:00
MELODY OF A WATER WHEEL (107 mins.) 7:30
WHEN MARYAM SPOKE OUT (98 mins. Lebanon, 2001) 9:30

Sun Nov 3:
SUSPENDED DREAMS (51 mins. Lebanon, 1992) + CHILDREN OF FIRE (50 mins.) 12:00 Noon
SO NEAR, YET SO FAR (59 mins. Lebanon, 2001) + JENNIN (60 mins.) 2:00
500 DUNAM ON THE MOON (48 mins. USA/FRANCE) + THIS ISN’T LIVING (42 mins.) 4:00
THE HIGH SCHOOL YEAR (100 mins. Egypt, 1999) 5:45
OLIVE HARVEST (83 mins. Palestine, 2002) + A BOY CALLED MOHAMED (10 mins.) 8:00

MON & TUE NOV 4 & 5: 7:00 and 9:15.

In Shifting Sands
The Truth About UNSCOM and the Disarming of Iraq
A film by Scott Ritter

AS THE WORLD TEETERS CLOSER TO THE EDGE OF WAR, the Roxie presents the U.S. THEATRICAL PREMIERE of IN SHIFTING SANDS: The Truth About UNSCOM and the Disarming of Iraq, a feature-length documentary that looks at the complex issues surrounding the interplay between the United States, the United Nations, and Iraq in regard to Iraq's obligation to be disarmed of its weapons of mass destruction. IN SHIFTING SANDS is written and directed by former UNSCOM inspector Scott Ritter. Ritter, who has been branded a traitor by the mainstream media and the Bush Administration, brings his first-hand insights and experiences in the telling of this complex story. Iraq's weapons of mass destruction have been at the forefront of international attention since the end of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. A program of arms inspection was implemented under UN Security Council resolution mandate requiring the removal, destruction or rendering harmless of Iraq's lethal arsenal in April, 1991. The lifting of a stringent economic embargo was linked to Iraq's compliance with its obligation to be disarmed. Ten years later the status of Iraq's weapons remains uncertain. UN weapons inspectors are no longer working in Iraq, and the economic embargo remains in place. How has this turn of events come to pass? And who is responsible? IN SHIFTING SANDS provides the full story, told here for the first time through interviews with: ROLF EKEUS (the first Chief of the UN weapons inspectors), TARIQ AZIZ (Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq) as well as numerous other former weapons inspectors and Iraqi officials. The result is a balanced, objective accounting of the work of the UN inspectors. Running time=92 mins. Admission = $8.00. SHOWTIMES: Mon & Tues, at 7 and 9:15..

"I predicted exactly what's happening right now. " -- SF Bay Guardian interview

Wendnesday, November 6 - Monday, November 11


From the demented creator of the 1996 cult shocker (and Roxie discovery) FREEWAY comes the true story of Ted Bundy, America’s most prolific serial killer, who confessed to murdering more than thirty-five women across the United States between 1974 and 1978. Bundy was a handsome, charming young man with a degree in psychology; he spoke fluent Chinese, volunteered at a rape crisis center and worked for the Republican party. He was the complete opposite of any serial killer who existed before or after him. In fact, the very term "serial killer" was first used to describe him. In the midst of his one-man crime wave, Bundy was twice apprehended by police. He managed to escape once from jail and once from a county courthouse, both times resuming his relentless killing spree. The third time he was caught, there was no escape. After America’s first televised court trial, Ted Bundy was finally executed in Florida’s electric chair in 1989. The film maintains a tone of pitch-black comedy in the face of unrelenting horror, walking a terrifying razor edge line that will haunt you long after the final mind-blowing execution scene! "Smart, crisp and chilling!"—LA TIMES. Starring Michael Reilly Burke, Boti Ann Bliss, Julianna McCarthy. Official Website. Written and directed by Matthew Bright. In Color. 35mm. 96 mins. 2002. USA. BAY AREA THEATRICAL PREMIERE! NIGHTLY at 7:00 and 9:15; WED / SAT / SUN MATS at 2:00 and 4:30.

" Three Stars! Thankfully, the film is written and directed by the slightly unwell Matthew Bright, the man behind the 1996 "B" movie masterpiece "Freeway." Bright manages to strike a proper balance of horror and humor, fact and fiction".
-- Jeffrey Anderson, S.F.Examiner

Tuesday, November 12


Pull on your stiletto-heeled go-go boots and lace up your leopard-print bustier! VOLUPTUOUS VIXENS, the fourth video from Good Vibrations' Sexpositive Productions, is a rollicking trip populated with the curviest sex kittens ever, all dolled up in retro fashions with a fetish edge. This richly textured homage to 50's girlie reels, 60's smokers 70's funk and 80's sleaze takes you through the world of porn with action guaranteed to set your flaming dice tattoo ablaze!

Meet the fabulous folks from Good Vibrations at each screening on TUE at 7:00 and 9:15. For more info, log onto Sexpositive Productions.

Wednesday, November 13 - Tuesday, November 19 (except Thur., Nov 14.)

This wonderful new documentary goes behind the scenes with the audacious, innovative dance company Pilobolus and legendary author-illustrator Maurice Sendak to reveal a stormy collaboration. Their shared creative venue-to create a work which confronts the Holocaust-appears dubious at the outset of the film. But the intensity of the artists' conflict is equalled by the power of their achievement. Award-winning filmmaker Mirra Bank spent over a year with Pilobolus and Sendak. LAST DANCE takes audiences inside this gloves-off collaboration, where each artist's idea of the piece is challenged by an opposing vision of equal authority - How much narrative is too much? Will anyone want to see another Holocaust story? Can it be both moving and irreverent? From the first day of improvisation in the studio, Banks follows Pilobolus and Sendak as they transform a haunting Holocaust legcy into a stark and provocative dance-theater piece that comes to life onstage. Directed by Mirra Bank. Featuring Robbie Barnett, Maurice Sendak, Michael Tracy, Jonathan Wolken. In Color. 16mm. 84 mins. 2002. WEST COAST THEATRICAL PREMIERE! Nightly at 6:00, 8:00 & 10:00; Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2:00 & 4:30. For more info log onto Last Dance. NO SHOW THUR, NOV 14

" Four Stars! The creative process that unfolds, for all its ultimate civility, could not be any more spectacular." -- SF Examiner

"CRITICS CHOICE!" -- SF Bay Guardian

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