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Thursday November 2-Sunday November 5

Film Arts Festival
of Independent Cinema

In its 16th year, the rowdiest film festival of the season spotlights the work of Northern California’s most talented, daring and explosive media artists, filling the air with cutting edge documentaries, innovative feature narratives, and a frenzy of dynamite shorts. Every imaginable genre.of film and video will blast onto the screen in the form of eighteen firey programs. Look for full descriptions of each evening’s programming in festival brochures available Oct. 4th.

For more information & advance tickets, call FAF @ (415) 552-FILM or visit our web site at Film Arts

Monday-Wednesday, November 6-8


Go Moan For Man

A film that takes 17 years, 50,000 miles and $150,000 of personal funds to complete can only be classified as a labor of love. The documentary GO MOAN FOR MAN is such a film. An exploration of the life and work of Beat writer Jack Kerouac, cultural icon and legendary author of "On The Road", "The Subterraneans" and "The Dharma Bums". The film’s title is a paradoxical line about hope and despair and appears in three Kerouac works. "He believed that life is holy and the universe is grand and infinite, but there’s an equal side to Kerouac–the side of despair," says the film’s director. In addition to documentary footage, black and white re-enactments with actors playing Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg are utilized to illustrate key moments from Kerouac’s life.

"...an important new film"-- composer, musician David Amram
"...thorough and authentic"-- Dan Barth, Beat Scene
"...the definitive Kerouac documentary..."-- Dave Moore,The Kerouac Rag and Dharma Beat.

For more information visit: www.realfilms.net/and Jack Magazine

Written, produced and directed by Doug and Judi Sharples. Color/B&W. 16mm. 122 mins. 1999. USA. Mon and Tue at 7:00 and 9:30; wed at 2:00, 4:30, 7:00 and 9:30.

Thursday & Friday, November 9 & 10

Rare Psychedelia!


WONDERWALL, the "lost psychedelic classic" from the late sixties, shows us an acid-tinged view of swinging London town as an eccentric professor (Jack MacGowan) desperately tries to win the affections of a beautiful fashion model (Jane Birken). His romantic quest takes him on a voyeuristic journey through…the Wonderwall. The kaleidoscope of images and George Harrison’s astonishing musical score transport the audience to another realm of consciousness; the film resembles a dreamscape where appearance and reality are intermingled in the manner of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear. WONDERWALL was made in 1968 and the film has gone through an extensive restoration of the negative and the soundtrack, and with the assistance of Apple Corp., the original stereo recordings by George Harrison were located in the Abbey Road studios. A brand new stereo track has been created expressly for this long overdue revival. Directed by Joe Massot. Color. 35mm. 78 mins. 1968. GREAT BRITAIN. Shown with the short film, REFLECTIONS ON LOVE . The film, made in London in1966, depicts the romance between a boy and a girl at a time when all they needed was love. Kula Shaker have recorded a new musical soundtrack for the film. Running time: 13 mins.

COMPLETE SHOWS Thurs & Fri at 7:00 and 9:15;

Late show FRI at 11:30 pm.!

"It's a weird-scene gold mine, a reminder that the English 1960s were about style - forget all that radical-politicking substance, baby. Harrison's mix of sitar, psychedelia, and pop is a heady treat". - Dennis Harvey, SF BAY GUARDIAN

"Nine out of 10 stoners would agree: This noise is an opiate !" - Wesley Morris, SF EXAMINER

Saturday & Sunday, November 11 & 12

4th Latino
of Marin

The 4th Latino Film Festival Marin-Berkeley-San Francisco is dedicated to bringing the highest quality films from Latin America, Spain and Latinos in the U.S. in order to express the cultural diversity of our community in the Bay Area. Women and Film is the theme of the 2000 festival including a selection of films by young Spanish filmmakers, a contribution of the Consulate of Spain in San Francisco. Films from Latin America and the U.S. will also be part of this exciting event. A conference on "Women and Film" sponsored by the Sundance Channel and Kodak will be held on Nov. 4th in San Rafael. Opening Night Gala Party: November 10th, 2000. For more information, check out Latinofilmfestival.org or email: CINEFEST@LATINOFILMFESTIVAL.ORG.

Monday, November 13

Third World


This radically inventive new feature (already Jamaica’s highest grossing film of all time!) is set in the exotic and gritty streets of modern day Kingston. It’s the story of two friends whose lives have taken them in different directions. Capone is a crime fighter who’s transferred back to his hometown where he meets up with his old friend Ratty, who operates as the right-hand of the notorious local don. A high energy, high tech, reggae and dancehall soundtrack produced by Sly and Robbie, featuring Jamaica’s most exciting new musical talents. Starring Paul Campbell, Mark Danvers, Carl Bradshaw, Audrey Reid. Directed by Chris Browne. Color. 35mm. 90 mins. 1999. BAY AREA PREMIERE. Subtitled. Mon at 6:00, 8:00, 10:00

There's more going on in November at The Roxie
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