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Friday, June 27 - Tuesday, July 8

One Year Anniversary!

Rivers and Tides
Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time

One year ago on June 26, the Roxie Cinema and Northern California discovered RIVERS AND TIDES: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY WORKING WITH TIME. Since that time, the movie has won the German equivalent of an Academy Award for both Best Documentary and Best Cinematography, while multitudes of critics from around the nation have jumped on the bandwagon. But it was the initial, overwhelming reception here in the Bay Area that insured the movie would go on to be experience by hundreds of thousands in theaters all over the United States. This one-year anniversary performance is a tribute your enlightened embrace.
(Free popcorn and drinks EVERY SHOW, FRIDAY, JUNE 27!)
"Rivers and Tides is a sublime study of the artist Andy Goldsworthy, but it has served an equally worthy purpose as a life preserver for the endangered Roxie Cinema." - Michael Fox, SF Bay Guardian. "The movie is breathtaking. It allows your mind to wander into speculative corners. It lingers long after the images leave the screen. It's called "Rivers and Tides," and both rivers and tides do appear. Also leaves, meadows, walls, sticks, trees and rocks....Riedelsheimer always allows you time to consider, time to see what you've seen. He's made a wonderful movie; I hope you get to see it. Puh-leeeze." -- Jon Carroll, SF Chronicle. ".Anyone who has seen Goldsworthy's impressive wall piece "Stone River" (2001), near Stanford University's Cantor Center of Visual Arts, will want the illuminating background that "Rivers and Tides" provides " - Kenneth Baker, SF Chronicle. "When a Goldsworthy piece comes together -- like a serpentine, stitched- together trail of leaves that changes form as it meanders down a cool river -- it's magical, profound in its simplicity" - Edward Guthmann, SF Chronicle. Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Thomas Riedelsheimer. Music: Fred Frith. In Color. 35 mm. 90 minutes. 1.66 :1. Not Rated. Dolby SR. 2001. Germany For more info, log onto
Showtimes: Nightly at 7:00 and 9:00. Additional Sat, Sun and Wed matinees at 2:00 & 4:30

"Ravishingly beautiful " -- Stephen Holden, NY Times
"A surprisingly magical experience...Intoxicating and meditative by turns, helped by Fred Frith's minimalist score, this film opens a portal into a singular creative mind"
-- Kenneth Turan, LA Times
"TWO THUMBS UP!". --Ebert & Roeper
"Pure and sublime... Andy Goldsworthy's art borders on the religious.... It puts you into a profound conversation with the glorious, uncompromising and mesmerizing flow of nature. It is the artistic equivalent of ancient ritual offerings to the gods."
-- Desson Howe, Washington Post

"Ravishing from start to finish... a work of art in its own right."
-- David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor"

"Some images verge on Kubrick territory"
-- Ed Halter, The Village Voice

"It's a truly balmy experience that puts you in a better place."
-- William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelliegnecer

"It moves at a very leisurely and calm pace, washing over its audience and soothing its viewers with its lush photography and mellow score by Fred Frith. I've seen the film about three times now, mostly because it's a great stress reliever, as well as a wonderful portrait of a very unique artist."
Film Threat

RIVERS AND TIDES is co-presented with The Trust For Public Land

In the United States, Andy Goldsworthy is represented by
the Haines Gallery and Gallerie Lelong

Rivers and Tides is NOW SHOWING in these Theaters.

Wednesday, July 9 - Wednesday, July 16

What I Want My Words To Do To You:

Voices from Inside a Women's Maximum Security Prison

Raw, unsettling, and surprisingly frank, WHAT I WANT MY WORDS TO DO TO YOU: Voices from Inside a Women's Maximum Security Prison, a feature-length documentary focusing on a writing group led by internationally acclaimed playwright and activist Eve Ensler ("The Vagina Monologues") at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester, New York. Most of the members of Ensler's group have been convicted of murder and many face the possibility of spending the rest of their lives in prison. The film documents the prisoners delving into and exposing the most terrifying places in themselves, as they grapple with the nature of their crimes and their own culpability. Among them are several high-profile inmates, including former Weather Underground members Kathy Boudin and Judith Clark, and Pamela Smart, whose story was fictionalized in Gus Van Sant's film, "To Die For." The film culminates in a performance of the inmates' writing by Oscar-nominee Glenn Close, Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei, Oscar-nominee Rosie Perez, Hazelle Goodman Eve Ensler("Deconstructing Harry"), and Mary Alice ("Sunshine State") before an audience of over 300 inmates. With Eve Ensler and the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility Writing Group. Featuring performances by Mary Alice, Glenn Close, Hazelle Goodman, Rosie Perez, and Marisa Tomei. USA, 2003. ENGLISH. 78 mins. COLOR. DV. Showtimes: Nightly at 6,8, & 10:00pm. Additional Wed, Sat & Sun matinees at 2:00 & 4:00.

Note: Eve Ensler will appear at the 6pm and 8pm screenings on July 9th only!

An eye-opener!-- Edward Guthmann, S.F. Chronicle

Thursday, July 17 ...ONE NIGHT ONLY!

The Ramones

Dennis "The Menace" Scheyer, host of The Menace's Attic on KUSF and SLAMDANCE Present: RAMONES: END OF THE CENTURY described as, "A reminiscence of New York in the 1970s, of the dawn of CBGB and, most of all, of the Ramones, Michael Gramaglia and Jim Fields' End of the Century is that rare music-world documentary truly deserving of the much-misappropriated moniker Behind the Music. The movie relives every up, down, and in-between of the seminal punk rockers' 20+ years career, charting addictions, lineup changes and other roads to ruin in strikingly candid, unsentimental terms (and with the participation of nearly all band-mates). It's an exhaustive, encyclopedic work--the ultimate fan-boy (or girl) documentary.” Directors Michael Gramaglia & Jim Fields will be in attendance for the screenings. TWO SHOWS ONLY: 7:30 & 9:30pm. $8.00. Tickets available at Roxie box office only. The box office opens 1 hour before the 7:30 show. NO DISCOUNTS OR PASSES ACCEPTED FOR THIS SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT! USA, 2003. ENGLISH. 85 mins. COLOR. DV.

Friday, July 18 - Tuesday, July 22

The Clash

The Clash were the band who made Punk real, they explored and expanded musical boundaries like no act before or since. They were the coolest, the most political, the most eclectic and most thrilling of the Punk bands. This critically acclaimed documentary is the official and definitive story of The Clash, made with the participation of all the original band members, fifteen years after they broke up. Sadly, in December 2002, Joe Strummer, punk pioneer and founding member of the Clash passed away, leaving behind a legacy that will remain an influence on future modern rock music. This year The Clash were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and were presented with a Grammy Award -a fitting tribute to their founder. UK, 2003. ENGLISH. 82 mins. COLOR. DV.Showtimes: Nightly at 6:00, 8:00, and 10:00pm with Wed/Sat/Sun Matinees at (2:00) and 4:00.


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