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Engagement Extended!
Wednesday, June 26 - August 13......Also showing at
The Shattuck and The Rafael and San Jose and Theaters throughout the USA!!


Rivers and Tides
Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time

The Roxie is pleased to present the U.S. THEATRICAL PREMIERE of Thomas Riedelsheimer's mind-blowing new documentary RIVERS AND TIDES, film which won the Golden Gate Award Grand Prize for Best Documentary at this year's San Francisco International Film Festival. Renowned Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy knows that most of his pieces will not last long because of where he makes them (often in open fields or on beaches) and what he uses-ice, driftwood, bracken, leaves, stone. Some of his works stand and remain in the landscape; others decay, melt or are blown away. His work's transitory nature, in fact, is a central part of the sculptor's creative efforts to understand the energy that flows through him and through the natural landscape that nourishes his vision. In this contemplative and beautifully insightful film, we see Goldsworthy as he works to understand that energetic flow, represented often by water, by wind or simply the passage of seasons. Both carefully composed and fluid, RIVERS AND TIDES keeps its focus on the artist's vision and work, giving us room to ponder our own relationship to the energy coursing through the natural world. The director worked with Andy Goldsworthy for over a year to shoot this remarkable film. What he found was a profound sense of breathless discovery and uncertainty in Goldsworthy's work, in contrast to the stability of conventional sculpture. There is risk in everything Goldsworthy does. He takes his fragile work right to the edge of its collapse, a very beautiful balance and a very dramatic edge within the film. RIVERS AND TIDES captures the essential unpredictability of working with nature and, like Goldsworthy's sculpture, grows into something beyond the simple making of an object. It touches the heart of what Goldsworthy does and who he is. It is a film that allows "you to see something you never saw before, that was always there but you were blind to." 90 minutes. Germany. In English. 2000. Official Website. Showtimes: Nightly at 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00; Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday matinees at 2:00 and 4:00. Advance tickets are NOT available. For ticket purchases, log onto info.

"Fascinating" -- Edward Guthmann, SF Chronicle
"The hottest ticket in town. The movie is breathtaking!"
-- Jon Carroll, SF Chronicle"
"Truly Great". -- Kenneth Baker, SF Chronicle
"Hypnotically dazzling!" -- David Fear, SF Bay Guardian
"A beautiful, meditative piece." -- Jeffrey M. Anderson, SF Examiner
"A Sculpture of Sea and Prairie, of Water, Fire and Stone"
-- Ann Wilson Lloyd, New York Times Arts & Leisure

Andy Goldsworthy's representative in the United States is the Haines Gallery

Rivers and Tides is NOW SHOWING in these Theaters.

Friday, July 19 and Friday, July 26 ...............Midnights, 12 PM ONLY

The Midnight Checkout Queens
Hedwig & The Angry Inch

The Midnight Checkout Queens are shadow casting the projected movie Hedwig & The Angry Inch at these two special engagement shows. Costumed actors lip sync the songs as the audience sings along and wigs out. The audience is encouraged to come glammed out in spectacular costumes. The bigger and more glittery, the better! Email questions to and "This isn't your grandmother's Midnight Movie! Audience props aren't necessary when you have a good movie, so please leave your food at home. All you need to bring is your singing voice and some glam rock style! Email questions to Showtimes: Midnights Only. Admission = $8.00.

Take a look at some of what's comin' in August!
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