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Wednesday, Jan 29 - Saturday, Feb 1

Last Exit To Brooklyn

One of the most seriously underrated films of the 80s returns to the big screen after a long absence. A singularly visionary slice of urban Hell, this mesmerizing adaptation of Hubert Selby's brutal beat novel brilliantly captures the hopelessly dead-end lives of its characters who drearily drift through 1952 Brooklyn. If you have a taste for the wild side, then this is the trip for you. Starring Stephen Lang, Jennifer Jason, Leigh, Burt Young, Jerry Orbach, Stephen Baldwin, Alexis Arquette. Directed by Uli Edel. In Color. 35mm. 102 mins. 1989. NIGHTLY AT 7:00 AND 9:30; WED AND SAT MATS AT (2:00), AND 4:30.

Sunday, Feb 2

In Cold Blood

The bold, brilliant film version of Truman Capote's terrifying true account of the savage murder of a Midwestern farm family. From the killer's initial planning of the crime (initially to be a robbery) through the commission of the bloodbath that resulted and the subsequent capture and execution of the culprits, IN COLD BLOOD stands as one of the 60s most powerful films. One of the film's principal actors, Robert Blake (as killer Perry Smith) is currently awaiting trial for the murder of his wife. Also in the cast: Scott Wilson, John Forstyhe, Paul Stewart, Will Geer. Stunning black & white cinematography by Conrad Hall. Directed by Richard Brooks. 35mm. 134 mins. 1967. USA. SUN AT (1:30), 4:15, 7:00, 9:40.

Monday & Tuesday, Feb 3 & 4


The infamous, outrageous shocker returns for a special two-day engagement! A horrifying "mockumentary" about a charming, poetry-reciting, philosophizing homicidal maniac whose actions are recorded by a film crew. Simultaneously repelled and fascinated, the filmmakers find themselves drawn into the hitman's murderous activities. As the body count grows, the comedy turns horribly real until the line between film and fact is blurred to the most shocking extreme. Starring Benoit Poelvoorde, Remy Belvaux, Andre Bonzel. Written by Poelvoorde, Belvaux and Bonzel. Directed by Remy Belvaux. B&W. 35mm. 96 mins. 1992. In French, with English subtitles. MON AND TUE AT 7:00 AND 9:15.

Wednesday, Feb 5

Film Noir Double Bill!

The Big Heat

An honest cop is thrown headlong into a cauldron of simmering evil when his wife is murdered by vicious gangsters. He sets out on a mission of revenge as chilling and exacting as any ever seen on film. One of the 50s top noir films and long considered the director's best American film, one that provides a disturbing social message as well as an intense emotional catharsis. Starring Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Lee Marvin, Alexander Scourby. Directed by Fritz Lang. Black & White. 35mm. 90 mins. 1953. WED AT (2:00), 5:30, 9:00.

The Sniper

A deranged psychopath is randomly shooting unsuspecting women, throwing the entire city into web of fear and panic. Can he be stopped? A somewhat forgotten gem, crammed with suspense and excellent performances. Starring Adolphe Menjou, Arthur Franz, Marie Windsor, Richard Kiley. Directed by Edward Dmytryk. B&W. NEW 35mm PRINT! 87 mins. 1952. WED AT 3:45, 7:15, 10:45.

Thursday, Feb 6

RARE Twisted Fifties NOIR Double bill!

Witness To Murder

After seeing a man strangle a young woman to death through an open window, the high-strung witness panics when no one will believe her story! Much sicker and more perverse than the better-known and similarly suspenseful Rear Window which appeared the same year. Beautifully photographed by the legendary John Alton. Starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders and Gary Merrill. Directed by Roy Rowland. B&W. 16mm. 84 mins. 1954. THUR AT 7:30 AND 10:30.

A Cry In The Night

Bizarre stalker (Raymond Burr!) kidnaps teenage Natalie Wood (!) in this seldom seen "B" psycho-drama. The high profile cast seems to belie the queasier aspects of this definitely odd film. Also starring Edmond O'Brien, Brian Donlevy and Richard Anderson. Directed by Frank Tuttle. B&W. 16mm. 75 mins. 1956. THUR AT 6:00 AND 9:05.

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