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Friday, December 7 — Thursday, December 13


Renowned character actor Joe Mantegna makes his directorial debut with this film adaptation of one of Pulitzer Prize winning David Mamet’s first plays. Based on Mamet’s experiences of working on Great Lake freighters while a grad student, the film centers on Dale (Tony Mamet, David’s brother), an Ivy League college kid working on the Seaway Queen on an internship one summer. Though his romantic vision of life on the sea is soon dashed, he befriends a half-dozen members of the world-weary crew and learns about the unexpectedly rich–and occasionally tragic–lives they lead. Robert Forster (Oscar-nominated for Jackie Brown) stands out in a blazing, award-caliber performance as Joe, whose speech about his youthful goal to be a ballet dancer and the dashed hopes that led to his near-suicide is as pure and potent as anything in the Mamet canon. The rest of the sterling cast includes: Peter Falk, Charles Durning, Denis Leary, JJ Johnston and George Wendt. Written by David Mamet. Directed by Joe Mantegna. For more info, log onto In Color. 35mm. 98 minutes. 2001. Bay Area Theatrical Premiere. Nightly at 7:00, 9:15; Sat, Sun and Wed matinees at 2:00, 4:30.

"First-rate! A must-see for Mamet Fans" -- S.F.CHRONICLE
"I once taught a class on Mamet's films. I wish I could have opened it with this one, because for Mamet, it all starts here." -- Roger Ebert
"The film's chief pleasure, a considerable one, is in hearing Mr. Mamet's characteristic idiom - the rude, sprung-rhythm wordplay, the dialogue-of-the-deaf philosophizing - so close to its real- world source" - A.O. Scott, NEW YORK TIMES
"The raw raunch and the latent yearing and pain Mamet sets down here with such assurance yield a movie of special rewards" - Desmond Ryan, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER
"There's enough there to make it of interest to more than Mamet completists".
"Vivid performances by a first-rate cast" - Jack Garner, DEMOCRATE & CHRONICLE
"The film shows Mamet at his core" -- THE OREGONIAN

Friday, December 14 — Thursday, December 20

A Love Divided

An emotionally absorbing new film, based on the true story of Sheila Clooney, a Protestant, and her Catholic husband Sean who are happily married in 1950’s Ireland, until their children begin school. Sheila respects the Church, but prefers a non-denominational education. Rather than submit to the domineering priest, Father Stafford, and her husband’s decision to enroll their children at the Catholic school, Sheila kidnaps her own children and flees to Scotland. In retaliation, Father Stafford declares a boycott against Protestants in the village, dividing the family, the village, and eventually the entire country. Sean must decide where his loyalties lie and if his love for Sheila will prove strong enough for their family to survive. "The feelings stirred up by A Love Divided are so volatile that it is difficult to watch the film without taking sides."–Stephen Holden, New York Times. Starring Liam Cunningham, Orla Brady, Tony Doyle, Sarah Bolger. Directed by Sydney Macartney. In Color. 35mm. 98 mins. 2000. IRELAND. WEST COAST THEATRICAL PREMIERE. Nightly at 7:00, 9:15; Sat, Sun and Wed matinees at 2:00, 4:30.

"Stunningly Acted. A cautionary tale of the mischief that can happen when men no longer see their neighbors as human. It's an indictment of intolerance, which knows no particular faith." -- Washington Post
Three Stars!-- S.F.Chronicle
"A powerful indictment of the lengths human beings will go to to be right."-- Detroit Free Press
"The feelings stirred up by A Love Divided, are so volatile that it is difficult to watch the film without taking sides"
-- N.Y. Times

Friday & Saturday, December 21 & 22

Romeo & Juliet

Director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge) applied a similarly audacious touch to his sizzling version of Shakespeare’s classic. Done up in modern dress and set in Miami, the film is brimming over with outlandish style and sweep. A film that seems to improve with each viewing. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, Brian Dennehy, John Leguizano, Pete Postelthwaite. In Color. 35mm. 120 mins. 1996. Fri at 7:00, 9:30. Sat at 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30.

Sunday, December 23


The Life & Death of Vincent Van Gogh

One of the most critically acclaimed films of the last twenty years, Paul Cox’s brilliant portrait of Vincent Van Gogh is a shattering journey through the life of a tortured genius who, spurned in his own time, became the single most influential artist of modern history. Featuring a breathtaking array of original paintings and passages from Van Gogh’s diaries and letters as spoken by actor John Hurt. In Color. 35mm. 99 mins. 1988. Sun at 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:15.

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