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SUCKERFISH is a sly black comedy set in the dog-eat-dog world of the wholesale pet-supply business (!). A vicious turf war erupts when a super-salesman retires and is replaced by Ken Preston, an ambitious young salesman from the Midwest. His two competitors, Dick Goodman and Alan Walker, team up to squeeze out the new guy by launching a full-blown smear campaign against him. Meanwhile, Alan is playing with fire, in the form of Dick's wife, Elizabeth.
Made without a script by a crack team of improvisors under director Brien Burroughs, SUCKERFISH is a comic look at the dark side of nature and human nature.

The cast of SUCKERFISH was assembled from the best of San Francisco's improv theater community. The film features founding members of True Fiction Magazine, SF's elite performance group, and leading company players from Bay Area Theatersports (BATS), the academy of improvisation.

"'Suckerfish' delivers solid laughs"-- Examiner

Featuring Dan Donovan, Tim Orr, Gerri Lawlor, Kurt Bodden. Produced and directed by Brien Burroughs. In Color. 88 mins. 1999. USA. SHOWTIMES : Nightly at 7:00 & 9:15; Additional Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday matinees at 2:00 & 4:30.

FRI, AUGUST 11 through WED, AUGUST 23


The Roxie is pleased to present the WEST COAST PREMIERE of Lisanne Skyler's GETTING TO KNOW YOU.

Adapted from three Joyce Carol Oates stories, GETTING TO KNOW YOU weaves the memories and desires of three teenagers who've been forced too soon to fend for themselves. The main setting is a bus depot in upstate New York. Waiting for buses to take them in different directions are Judith and Wesley (Heather Matazzaro from Welcome to the Dollhouse and Zach Braff) and Jimmy (Michael Weston), a teller of tales, some tall, some true. When Wesley escapes into his school books, Jimmy strikes up a conversation with Judith. The stories he invents about their fellow travelers reflect on her painful, guilt-ridden relationship with her mother and father.
And making up stories is Jimmy's way to avoid dealing with his own feelings of guilt. In the course of six hours, the two forge an emotional bond that gives them the courage to venture into adulthood.

DIRECTOR LISANNE SKLYER IN PERSON after the 7:00 show on Opening Night, August 11!


"FOUR STARS! This is a special Movie". -- S.F. Chronicle
"Intoxicating and seductive. A 95-minute roller coaster ride" -- B.A.R., David Lamble
"An excursion into the curative power of fiction. Tender, gripping, intelligent. GETTING TO KNOW YOU" doesn't just reaffirm one's flagging faith in independent cinema. It vindicates the very process." -- Newsday
"Entrancing!" -- New York Times
"A film so fragile and uncompromising that you want to throw your arms around it and protect it from the jerks who won't know how special it is." -- Village Voice
"SAD, strange and blessedly unpredictable, "Getting to Know You" marks the feature film debut of a remarkable new talent, writer/director Lisanne Skyler." -- New York Post

"One of the best films I've seen this year" --Entertainment Weekly
"A tremendously ambitious film that lives up to its promise and bristles with remarkable performances." -- L.A. Times

Starring Heather Matarazzo, Zach Braff, Michael Weston, Bebe Neuwirth. Written by Lisanne Skyler and Tristine Skyler. Directed by Lisanne Skyler. In Color. 35mm. 91 mins. 1999. WEST COAST THEATRICAL PREMIERE.
NEW SHOWTIMES: Nightly at 7:00, 9:15: Additional Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday matinees at 2:00 and 4:30.

Thursday, August 24
Media Alliance Film Festival

Join us for the first-ever Media Alliance Film Festival, a cinematic evening of risky films about the movements that fight for our right to be risk-takers. MA (F2) kicks off with a panel discussion featuring video and filmmakers who use the medium as a tool for activism and organizing in their communities.

Members of Whispered Media, TILT media, and other video collectives will teach you how to use film and video to increase the impact of your activism. Then stick around to watch daring films that inspire people to act, films that defy the warped messages perpetrated by the corporate media, and films that boldly question the concept of identity in our media-saturated culture. For more info (and festival program by August 1) visit Media Alliance. or call (415)546-6334 ext. 315.

Friday, August 25 - Thursday, August 31

Shadow Boxers

Shadow Boxers is a powerful and inspiring film that follows the exhilarating rise of Dutch boxing sensation Lucia Rijker, widely considered the greatest female fighter in the world, as she pursues the championship crown. Beautiful photography,stylish editing, a hypnotic original soundtrack, and striking personal insight combine in a whirlwind of visual dynamism that reveals the beauty and brutality of the sport through the eyes of this introspective fighter.

"This film is as visually stunning as it is politically important. I don't think I've ever seen such a profoundly moving look at women and athleticism, race and body-consciousness, as this. It made me long for all the women achievers who have gone unrecorded-not just in sports, but the world at large."-Hilton Als, The New Yorker.
"THIS IS ONE EUPHORIC, HOPPED-UP FILM!" -- B. Ruby Rich, SF Bay Guardian
"Scores a Knock-out!" -- B.A.R.

An award-winning selection at Film Festivals round the world, including Toronto and Berlin. Offical Site. Produced and directed by Katya Bankowsky. In Color. 35mm. 72 mins. 1999. USA. WEST COAST PREMIERE. Nightly at 6:00, 8:00, 10:00; Sat, Sun and Wed matinees at 2:00 and 4:00.

September at The Roxie

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