Women’s Empowerment Symposium

Live Bolder… Dream Bigger… Be Authentacious!

Gain new tools to master health, wealth, and persuasive communication in a fun, supportive, and interactive environment.

** The first 150 women through the door will receive a gift bag valued at over $300 **



– Presentation Skills Workshop –

The ability to engage, educate, and move any audience is critical to your success in business. Gina teaches you how to excel with confidence while addressing the different, and higher, standard faced by women in the workplace.

Gina Grahame is an international award winning speaker, corporate trainer, and creator of the ‘be authentacious’® Personal Empowerment program. Gina brings 30 years as a professional speaker, actor, consultative sales expert, corporate manager, coach, and entreprenuer to help you break thru limiting beliefs, achieve goals and become the person you know yourself to be.


– Health & Wellness –

Dr. Krystal Drwencke helps people recover from injuries and keeps them doing the things that they love to do for as long as possible. As a sports chiropractor, she specializes in in extremity injuries and health, along with exercise rehabilitation and muscle work. She stays active with crossFit, Olympic lifting and yoga.

She will be covering:

  • Mental & Physical health as it relates to the brain
  • Goal Setting and how to stick to health and exercise goals
  • Recognizing the rise and falls of mental dexterity in yourself and how to fight it


– Learn How Money Works –

Since 1989, has helped individuals & families earn more income, become properly protected and financially independent.



– Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work For You –

Jennifer Darling is a passionate, dynamic speaker with a mission to break down negative barriers into positive ideas in business and leadership for women. She has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and personal development for companies such as FOX, NBC, CBS, and Comcast. Jennifer holds a Master’s Degree in Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Promotion.

Jennifer will review your LinkedIn Profile onsite and give suggestions to help improve your professional branding.

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Women's Empowerment Symposium: Upcoming Showtimes
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