September 25 only

whitedog4Samuel Fuller:
A Fuller Life

Christa Lang-Fuller  in conversation with Bay Area musician, film programmer and archivist, Peter Conheim after the film.

By far the director’s most controversial film, it tells the incendiary story of a young actress who adopts a white dog, which, unbeknownst to her, has been trained by its previous owner to attack black people on sight. With the help of an animal trainer, a black man, she sets out to undo this dangerous scenario. Possibly perceiving a racist subtext, Paramount first demanded cuts of Fuller, and then abandoned the film’s release, shelving it and only reviving it later on cable.  Seen today, it is a clear example of Fuller’s desire to broaden our awareness of the racial divide in this country.  We are presenting a rare, uncut version on 35mm.  Starring Kristy McNichol, Paul Winfield, Christa Lang, Burl Ives, Paul Bartel, Dick Miller From a novel by Romain Gary. Expertly photographed by Bruce Surtees. Written and directed by Samuel Fuller. In Color. 35mm. 90 mins. 1982. USA.



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