Part of our weekend series: Joe Dante’s Films in Films! In 35mm, with “It’s a Good Life” segment director Joe Dante in attendance!

With high-powered directors Joe Dante (GREMLINS), George Miller (the MAD MAX series), Stephen Spielberg and John Landis at the helm, this collection of classic stories from the Twilight Zone TV show were eerily adapted into one of the greatest sci-fi/horror anthologies of the 1980s!

“Time Out” – John Landis

Bill Connor is an outspoken bigot who is bitter after being passed over for a promotion in favor of a Jewish co-worker. Drinking in a bar after work with his friends, Bill utters slurs towards Jews, Blacks, and Asians. A Black man sitting nearby asks him to stop, embarrassing Bill’s friends. Bill leaves the bar angrily, but when he walks outside, he finds himself in a personal nightmare in which he gets to experience discrimination first-hand.

“Kick the Can” – Stephen Spielberg

An old man named Mr. Bloom has just moved into Sunnyvale Retirement Home. Upon his arrival, he sits around kindly and smiles as he listens to the other elders reminisce about the joys they experienced in their youth. He’s got a surprise in store for them as he teaches them how they might be able to find their inner children and recapture their youth.

“It’s a Good Life” – Joe Dante

Mild-mannered Helen Foley, traveling to a new job, visits a rural bar for directions. While talking to the owner, she witnesses Anthony—a young boy playing an arcade game—who is being blamed by a pair of locals for causing problems. She drives him home, gets invited in for dinner, and meets up with Anthony’s family, who live together in a cartoonishly creepy way that does not seem quite right.

“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” – George Miller

While flying through a violent thunderstorm, nervous airline passenger John Valentine is in an airplane lavatory as he tries to recover from what seems to be a panic attack. The flight attendants attempt to coax Valentine from the lavatory, and they repeatedly assure him that everything is going to be all right… but his nerves and antics disturb the surrounding passengers.




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