First show: March 25

Tiny Dance Film Festival is a film festival based in San Francisco that features short dance films (10 minutes or under) from across the globe. TDFF prioritizes films that stretch into new territory, challenge dominant narratives, and most importantly — embrace brevity. We encourage queers and people of color to submit.

Tiny Dance Film Festival is graciously supported by the Dancers’ Group CA$H Grant and generous individual donors! 

PROGRAM A – March 25th 5.00pm

Room 505 directed by Too Short for Modeling (Israel)
1180 and more directed by Riccardo De Simone (Italy)
Two Fold directed by Jenny Stulberg (US)
GUADALUPANO directed by Adriann Ramirez (UK)
Untitled directed by Maria Walsh (US)
Abismo directed by Pablo Diconca (Canada)
Body Language Zone directed by Kim Saarinen (Finland)
JONAH directed by Andrew Michael Ellis + Ernest Felton Baker (US)
Untitled (response to Melissa’s photo) directed by Christy Funsch (US)
Imprint directed by Katie Wong (US)
Curious directed by Stephanie Hewett (US)
It Fades directed by The Anata Project (US)
In The Space Between directed by Deborah Slater + Herve Cohen (US)
Autumnal Promenade directed by Emmaly Wiederholt + Tara Khozein (US)
Journey: Query of a Dream directed by Ali Ata Akel (Turkey)
Get Live directed by Adriana Roze (Latvia)

PROGRAM B – March 26th 2.00pm

The Wind Telephone directed by Nicole Klaymoon + Joe Stillwater (US)
The Dream directed by Javiera Estrada (US)
Cappuccino Dance Film directed by Melissa Lewis + Brett Walker (US)
Lemon Bars directed by Christina Neston (US)
Pavilion directed by Adam Sekuler + Shannon Stewart (US)
The Way Out directed by detour dance (US)
A Safe Place to Rest directed by Ray Jacobs (UK)
Nite Lite directed by Cyrus and Kat Cole, LizAnne Roman Roberts + Cyrus Yoshi Tabar (US)
Gift of Happiness directed by The Black Mail Show (US)
Double directed by James Wilson (US)
Grown directed by Courtney Courtney (US)
Leg, Arm, Head directed by Scout Stuart (UK)
If I Didn’t Care directed by Liz Bustle (US)
Triumvirate directed by Monica Campbell (US)
Orbit directed by Katharine Hawthorne (US)
Parting Soles directed by Heather Arnett (US)
The Last Resort directed by Jessica Wright + Morgann Runacre-Temple (UK)

PROGRAM C – March 26th 5.00pm

Separation directed by Emre Olcayto (Belgium)
Empty directed by Gerard Montero (Spain)
Les Funambules directed by Cédric Le Men (France)
Chan directed by Manas Sirakanyan (Russia)
Gimp Gait directed by Pioneer Winter + Tabatha Mudra (US)
OSSA directed by Dario Imbrogno (Italy)
Warm Wheels directed by Erin Malley + Malinda LaVelle (US)
Picnic directed by Cara Hagan (US)
Outside Costanoa directed by Julie-Ann Gambino (US)
Apollo 100 directed by Scott Marlowe (US)
Late directed by 13th Floor (US)
Anthropophagy directed by Vinícius Cardoso (Brazil)
FAM directed by Nathan Kim + Genevieve Carson (US)
The Sissies directed by Allan Frias + Jason Ashbaugh (US)
Just So directed by Amy Seiwert + Ben Estabrook (US)


For more information about the festival, visit detourdance.com/tdff