Future Filmmakers: TILT

February 22 only

TILTTILT, the Youth Program of Ninth Street Independent Film Center, is proud to present “reClaiming Youth Media”, an interactive afternoon of youth produced media from across the Bay Area. Come watch movies, make your own, and become a part of empowering youth to reclaim their media. TILT teaches young people the fundamentals of movie making and media literacy through hands-on training in video production. TILT programs empower young people to tell their own stories, to work collaboratively, and to become life-long learners.


The Real
URBAN CAMPING, by Hindoveeh Bullie, Charlie Gregoratos, and Kapi’olani Lee. 7:15 Min
A documentary on the homeless around the Ninth street in SOMA area of San Francisco, CA

NIGHT LIFE, by Hiul Dulalas, Kevin DeVera, and Zara Ahmed. 3:57 Min
A fictional story of a young graffiti artist who sets out on a covert midnight adventure to make his mark on the streets of San Francisco.

IT’S YOUR CHOICE, by Angelique Forbes, Victoria Jones, Basil Thomsen, Travis Tuohey, and Kapi’olani Lee. 7:38 Min
“Its Your Choice” is a short video that informs young people about how to take responsibility for their sexual health. Using street footage and re-enactment, the video discusses myths and facts about catching/preventing STDs, as well as demonstrate what a typical visit to a clinic looks like.

NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT, by Maria Rivera, Nicole Rivera, Elizabeth Urrutia, Lucy wu, Kapi’olani Lee, and Suzannah Tipermas Neufeld. 1:51 Min
A PSA challenging the standards of female beauty found in the media – looking instead at what other traits can make someone beautiful. This video was produced in the reCREATE Women in Media workshop (July 2013), a collaboration created by TILT, About-Face, and Oasis for Girls.

JBALLS, by Landon Ayala, Ashmita Singh, Brando Vargas, John Galicia, Llyod Dillon, Mariama Nance, Ben Elie, Angelisa Candler, and Jaynee Ruiz. 3:03 Min
In this documentary, students interview the principal of Tennyson High School and Officer Fovel of the Hayward Police Department to discover how the community would spend a trillion dollars.

BEAUTY IS NATURAL, by Shirley Acuna, Tatiana Ariza, Michelle Bryant, Kapiolani Lee, and Suzannah Tipermas Neufeld. 1:28 Min

The Literary
FAIRYTALE BATTLE, by Josh, Dario, Anny, Aisha, Shelly, Kelly Pendergrast, and Robyn Bykofsky. 0:53 Min
A humorous hand-drawn and live action mashup of many fairytale stories

STELLA CASH RASHIDA, by Stella, Cash, Rashida, and Bernadette Montez. 1:53 Min

USES FOR BOYS, by Julia Retzlaff, Evatt Carrodus, Tiffany Robinson, and Kapi’olani Lee. 0:51 Min
The TILT Book Trailer Project is a project of TILT’s YouthCore Mentorship Program, where TILT Alumni have the opportunity to apply the skills, techniques and talents acquired in TILT workshops to real world media projects.

THE DREAM, by Aurora, Philip, Jules, Annie, Kelly Pendergrast, and Robyn Bykofsky. 1:01 Min
A hand-drawn animated film, illustrating a story from Roald Dahl’s “The BFG”

The Poetic
RAINY DAY DREAM, by Mecca Boutté, Kelly Pendergrast, and Harold Terezón. 1:11 Min

EMOTION, by Davis Avila, Josh Karon, Vlad Litinetsky, Robyn Bykofsky, and Kapiolani Lee. 3:39 Min

WHAT IS HOME, by Irlanzujuan Martin, Jason Wyman. 1 Min

The Silly
BOOM!!, by Rocky Tavita, Cardell Thomas, Gerald Williams, and Vincent Cortez. 1:39 Min
One man’s biceps stand between him and the rest of the world.

ANGER BALL, by Kevin Munson, Jael Imani, Chester Wade, Lidell McIver, and Vincent Cortez. 3:11 Min
This video is inspired by the producer’s stint as a basketball player in high school, when he would shoot hoops for hours in his backyard after arguing with his mother.

HAL THE ROBOT, by Evatt Carrodus, Jlor Dizon, Charlie Gregoratos, Hindoveeh Bullie, Caleb Hilladakis, and Kapiolani Lee. 5:36 Min.
Hal is a brand new Robot. You get different scenarios of him trying to fit in.


The Roxie Theater is committed to fostering the appreciation and understanding of film and video as media not only for artistic and personal expression, but also as a tool for important social change in our community and beyond. By partnering with well-established local media organizations, the Roxie’s Future Filmmakers Program aims to provide an opportunity for young artists to exhibit their work in a professional environment, build audiences, increase media attention, and help expand access to media education in our community.



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