The Visitor

First show: November 01

NEW TRANSFER! “An inexplicably all-star cast steers a blackhearted blowout of interplanetary possession, telekinetic avian assault, exploding basketballs and ecclesiastical lasterstorms. Young Katy Collins is gifted with cosmic powers and begins a downward spiral through the forces of heaven and hell that rains darkness and insanity to all around her. With Lance Henriksen, a mutilated Glen Ford, Shelley Winters, a 200-proof-drunk Sam Peckinpah and even John Huston as the Messenger of God. I don’t know what writer/director Michael J. Paradise (actually Giulio Paradisi) was attempting, but no human mind could have deliberately created this. THE VISITOR is a visual buffet of shattered glass, vicious death and never-before-witnessed crackpot inanity that goes beyond all laws of filmmaking, resulting in something crazed, unfathomable and completely, beautifully unique. If you don’t believe me, just ask Space Jesus.” – Zack Carlson. Starring Joanne Nail, Mel Ferrer & Lance Henriksen. 1979. Digital. 108 mins. TheVisitor


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