April 13 only

untitledThe Smash Bros Germ Poster

Sunday, April 13

How did a casual party game designed for the family become one of the most watched fighters in the history of competitive gaming? From East Point Pictures, THE SMASH BROTHERS chronicles the saga of the small yet passionate community responsible for this transformation and provides a rare account of the real lives beyond the controller. The documentary series follows the top seven “smashers” of the last decade, and examines the shaping of the competitive Smash Brothers scene as it exists today. All profits will be donated to Child’s Play.  Directed by Samox. 2013. Digital.

2 PM – 4:15 PM: Episodes 1-5 // 4:15 PM – 5 PM: Intermission and Q&A with director  //
5 PM – 7:30 PM: Episodes 6-9

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