The Counselor

First show: November 19


A rich and successful lawyer named Counsellor is about to get married to his fiancée but soon meets up with the middle-man known as Westray who tells him his drug trafficking plan has taken a horrible twist and now he must protect himself and his soon bride-to-be lover as the truth of the drug business is revealed and targets become chosen.

In an era where far too many “thrillers” consist of logic-defying car chases and anti-heroes who survive explosions and shootouts that would take down a Marvel character, director Ridley Scott and screenwriter Cormac McCarthy have fashioned a sexy, sometimes shockingly violent, literate and richly textured tale of the Shakespearean consequences of one man’s irrevocable act of avarice.

It’s also a bloody great time. “The Counselor” achieves the almost unheard-of daily double of giving us the most outrageous sex scene of the year AND the most unforgettably brutal murder of the year. This is a badass journey from start to finish.


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