TELOS: The Fantastic World of Eugene Tssui


Kyung Lee | USA | 2014 | 55 min

San Francisco Premiere

TELOS WEB cropped.jpg

TELOS chronicles the unorthodox life of Emeryville-based architect Eugene Tssui in this directorial debut from Bay Area filmmaker Kyung Lee. Tssui is an eccentric visionary and a maverick architect, who questions traditional building standards and puts nature and the environment at the forefront of his designs. If you have seen the unconventional home he built for his parents in Berkeley, California, you will understand the challenge he faces to receive mainstream approval. Lee composes a portrait of Tssui as a “Renaissance man”: an athlete, designer, and singular visual artist, as well as architect. Showing his influences from his childhood to his formal education (including three expulsions from architecture school) and his relationship with his mentor the “organic” architect Bruce Goff. Rejected by the status quo and embattled to defend his futuristic, yet naturalistic visions, Tssui finds unexpected allies in the small mountain town in Mount Shasta where he hopes to build his architectural fantasia.

Discussion with: Kyung Lee, director; Eugene Tssui, architect


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