San Francisco State University School of Cinema proudly presents a collection short films from their Undergraduate Thesis Film Students.

The SFSU Undergraduate Cinema Thesis Program is made up of fifteen student filmmakers, each been put to the task of creating their own short films within the time of one school year. With the help of faculty, staff, students, and family, these fifteen filmmakers have put their dreams onto the silver screen.

Join us for the premiere exhibition of this years San Francisco State Undergrad Thesis Short Films Program.

Red Paint

Freya wakes up alone in the desert confused and separated from her significant other. She searches for answers in an unreliable reality.

Directed by Andrew Rodriquez

She Woke Up Possessed!!

Somewhere in the suburbs of America, a stay-at-home housewife unearths a terrifying secret that changes her small world forever.

Directed by Robert Negoesco


Two young, former lovers reunite after years of separation.  

Directed by Nick Alfieri

A Thousand Cranes

Two lovers from the Qin Dynasty reincarnate to fulfill their promise of eternal love.

Directed by Leonard Chan


Steph must get her daughter medicine before illness takes her—and before the man who has been hunting them catches up.

Directed by Aleksandra Seiger

Over the Handlebars

A coming-of-age comedy set in the 80s about a high school kid who seeks revenge on his cheating girlfriend by tee-peeing her house.

Directed by Christian Lanza

Nom de Plume

A married woman in her late 60s has long-held secrets which alienate her from her husband and herself. Filled with regret and deflated by loneliness, she considers reframing her life after an unexpected visit from an old friend with a romantic past.

Directed by John Serafica


M.A.N. is a short film that begins in the mid-1800’s with the emasculation of a freed slave by his former owner, rapidly transitioning into a parallel scenario of a modern-day gang leader emasculating another gang member, drawing eerie and thought- provoking comparisons between the juxtaposed scenarios.

Directed by Adam Clay

Detective Meeks: A Detective Story

In this straight-man comedy, Detective Chuck Meeks must come to terms with the new recruit in order to catch the man who killed his previous partner.

Directed by Jake McElrath  


A glamorous and emotional look into the lives of 3 young trans women as they unravel the complexities of SISTERHOOD.

Directed by Joan Summers

Holy Mary Mother of None: The Immaculate Contraceptive

A coming-of-age comedy that follows Mary, an 11 year old hispanic catholic schoolgirl, as she searches for birth control to prevent the Holy Spirit from impregnating her.

Directed by Sebastian Rodriguez


A young girl finds herself in the midst of her insecurities as she prepares to meet her father after several years of separation.

Directed by David Ahmadi


A struggle to resist a looming metamorphosis in identity. Resistance is futile—change is coming.

Directed by Matt Hardy

Hell And Back

A self-conscious musician realizes his maximum potential, in this punk rocker’s psychedelic nightmare.

Directed by Ryan Iannelli