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The San Francisco Film Society’s Youth Education program has been cultivating and championing youth filmmakers for more than two decades through a range of youth media opportunities in both exhibition and production. This diverse collection of short films showcases youth-produced films from two of those valuable programs: Half of the films were produced during SFFS’ annual Young Filmmakers Camp, and half are nominees or winners in our annual Golden Gate Awards Competition at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Together, they represent a dazzling array of youth voices and artistic talents from around the Bay Area.

Don’t Play Games with Me

An intense interrogation leads to surprising revelations. Young Filmmakers Camp 2012. (Ruby Drake, Matt Kaman, Charles Kieser, Sam Lombardi & Jake Newman, 2012, 3.5 mins)

The Math Test

The standard train-leaves-the-station math problem becomes a source of both anxiety and liberation for one young test-taker. 2011 Golden Gate Award nominee. (Sam Rubin, 2010, 5 mins)

Jurassic Floor

Made entirely of LEGOs, this animated short takes an elevator ride to a whole new level—and evolutionary era. (Garry Moore & Gregory Moore, 2012, 6 mins)

To Prove Your Love

Stuck in traffic and sent on a mission to please his over-demanding uncle, poor Conor finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Young Filmmakers Camp 2011. (Alex Cervantes. Nora Filet, Michael Fontana, Calvin Lin, Conor Tracey & Ariana Vargas, 2011, 4 mins)

Moon Shoes

A pair of magical shoes changes one man’s life, but pits him against his quirky, dumpster-diving friend. 2010 Golden Gate Award winner. (Joel Vanzeventer, 2009, 13 mins)

My Friend Cal

Eight years after the death of his brother, Tyler is still figuring how to let go of the best friend he’s ever had. Young Filmmakers Camp Advanced Lab 2013. (Alexander Bear, Patrick Buscher, Marcus Mero & Audre Sorem Smikle, 2013, 5 mins)

Scary School

Eager to make his way in the world, an ambitious newbie vampire enrolls in a school for aspiring young monsters. Young Filmmakers Camp 2012. (Charlie, Cheese, Jesse, Lincoln, Price & Sofia, 2012, 6 mins)


Considered the class nerd, Clove tries to befriend a popular group of girls by helping them play a prank on their teacher. But is she prepared for the consequences? Young Filmmakers Camp 2013. (Willa Barnett, Spencer Collantes, Lily Cunningham. Meave Cunningham, Daryl Fallon & Joelle Park, 2013, 5 mins)


A talented young singer explores the roots of the Black Panther Party in Oakland through a blend of music video and historical footage. 2013 Golden Gate Award nominee. (Lily Yu, 2012, 4 mins)


Panic ensues when the office pencil sharpener suddenly stops working. Young Filmmakers Camp 2011. (Jared Ergino, Charles Kieser, Jeff Parsont, Elana Rapp & Alia Welsh, 2011, 5 mins)


In a Los Angeles metro station, commuters are asked to ponder a single, but not so simple, question. 2012 Golden Gate Award nominee. (Eric Brownrout, 2011, 6 min)


After finding a homeless man in the school bathroom, a group of students try to turn his life around—with mixed results. Young Filmmakers Camp 2011. (Gaby Alias, Elijah Howard, Jackson Karel, Sam Lombardi, Jake Newman & Mariana Weiss, 2011, 3.5 mins)

India Export

A vibrant visual voyage through the sights and sounds of Southern India. 2011 Golden Gate Award nominee. (Raphael Linden, 2010, 5 mins)

Violence in Public Schools

What really happened to Jimmy Cooper in the school hallway? Finding the true story requires some serious investigation and many hilarious interviews. Young Filmmakers Camp 2013. (Susanna De Federicis, Isabella Fatato, Ethan Fox, Kaitlynn Lake, Lily Parsont & Rigo Valadez-Bigler, 2013, 6 mins)


A legendary Bay Area photographer shares colorful anecdotes about some of his classic rock-and-roll subjects. 2011 Golden Gate Award winner. (Nat Talbot, 2010, 5 mins)


The Roxie Theater is committed to fostering the appreciation and understanding of film and video as media not only for artistic and personal expression, but also as a tool for important social change in our community and beyond. By partnering with well-established local media organizations, the Roxie’s Future Filmmakers Program aims to provide an opportunity for young artists to exhibit their work in a professional environment, build audiences, increase media attention, and help expand access to media education in our community.

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