SF IndieFest: THE WAIT

First show: February 16

The Wait 1.jpg


Film Info
Director: M Blash
Film Category: Narrative
Running Time: 96
Country: USA
Year of Release: 2013

An enigmatic phone call from a psychic catapults a family into a state of suspended belief while waiting for their recently deceased mother to be resurrected. One sister (Chloe Sevigny)believes the claim, and the other (Jena Malone, also a narrator of this year’s selection Teenage) staunchly opposes it until she encounters a chance at love giving her hope that anything, even resurrection, is possible. A discordant struggle between sisters plays out in a world where the virtual and real converge.

“(A) surreal – and stunningly shot – backdrop of isolation and immersion, beauty and loss.” (Austin Chronicle).

The Wait … is nothing short of magical.” (The Portable) .

“An unusual film, with a complex and layered aesthetic … grounded by a beautiful script in which the actors convincingly portray a very real and mournful time in their lives.” (PopBytes).

-Kier-la Janisse


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