SF Indiefest: TOWHEADS

First show: February 14


Director: Shannon Plumb
Film Category: Narrative
Running Time: 86
Country: USA
Year of Release: 2013
Premier: West Coast Premiere

Shannon Plumb’s Towheads is a hilarious look at being a mother in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Plumb writes, directs, and stars in the picture, and her real life husband, director Derek Cianfrance (Place Beyond the Pines, Blue Valentine), and two children (ages 4 and 7) also star. Though this is a comedy first and foremost, there’s also bittersweet feeling to the film as Plumb’s character of Penelope begins to unravel and reach her boiling point.

Plumb has a knack for comedy and it often times feels like she’s channeling Lucille Ball throughout the movie by mixing in equal parts physical comedy with witty dialogue. Though I can’t relate to a woman having a midlife crisis, the film does well in making us feel her pain and joy-filled moments.

Towheads is a smart, funny, and expertly crafted comedy that has a lot of potential to become a sleeper hit. It’s down to earth and draws humor from the stresses of everyday life. Women and men will enjoy director Shannon Plumb’s playful, feature debut. Official selection: New Directors/New Films – MoMA (NY), International Film Festival of Rotterdam, Instanbul Int.’l Independent FF, Sarasota FF, and Milano FF. (Film Pulse)
-Jeff M. Giordano


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