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Film Info
Director: Drew Tobia
Film Category: Narrative
Running Time: 82
Country: USA
Year of Release: 2013
“Mona is very pregnant and very disturbed. Alienated from her abusive coworkers and party girl sister, her only close relationship is with her recovering addict mother, and even that is beginning to fall apart. When she loses her apartment and her job, Mona’s already unstable condition begins to rapidly decline. Her increasingly antagonistic and antisocial behavior draws everyone she knows into her ever-widening vortex of misery. Through vividly rendered characters and a series of deeply uncomfortable setpieces, See You Next Tuesday paints an oddly sympathetic portrait of how a young woman’s chaotic inner life expresses itself in unsettlingly external ways. Drew Tobia’s debut feature is like an urban American Gothic, exploring the grotesque extremes of human emotion with both humor and compassion. The characters are bold and vivid expressions of some of the worst aspects of human nature, but they always remain grounded in a discomfiting realism.Tobia’s earlier, more overtly transgressive short films traveled the underground festival circuit (Leperfuck, Stupid Junkie Faggot), but here he realizes his richest creative vision to date. People will certainly be comparing this film to the work of John Waters. The comparison is apt, to be sure; not just for the gross-out humor and shock tactics, but for the warmth and depth of humanity both directors share. For all the hysterical melodrama, See You Next Tuesday is a hauntingly intimate film about loneliness, compassion, and family.” Bryan McKay, Boston Underground Film Festival
-Anna Feder

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