SF Indiefest: REAL TALK

First show: February 15


Film Category: Shorts Program
Running Time: 82
Year of Release: 2013


It’s easy to escape at the movies, to be whisked away to a world where men in capes protect us from bad guys. But real life isn’t so black and white. This collection of shorts doesn’t shy away from the real world, but confronts and illuminates those parts that we often ignore, especially the underlying complexities that make us human. From a cultural level all the way down to the intimately personal, these films expose stories that are hiding beneath the surface of our everyday lives. -JW


Included Shorts
The Apothecary (18min) More
A Confused War (26min) More
I Kill (9min) More
Piano Heights (6min) More
Sex: M (23min) More


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