80 mins.


Film Info
Director: Joe Begos
Film Category: Narrative
Running Time: 80
Country: USA
Year of Release: 2013

The year is 1987. Seth Hampton (Graham Skipper) and Mark Fisher (Josh Ethier, who also edited the film) are the best of friends. After a mysterious blue light consumes their home, Mark disappears. The entire town, including Mark’s girlfriend Jen (Vanessa Leigh), suspect that Seth had something to do with Mark’s disappearance. A few years later, Mark suddenly reappears. He is not the same person.

“In his feature debut, Begos mines a deep vein of influences— John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and Jeff Lieberman all come to mind— to craft a razor-sharp horror film that brings the best aspects of ‘80s horror forward into 21st century.” (Rodney Perkins, Fantastic Fest)

Almost Human is a raw indie film that delivers the splatter, drawing from many of the touchstones of cinematic shock for a refreshingly intense thriller bound to excite a new generation of moviegoers.” (Colin Geddes, TIFF)

-Kier-la Janisse

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