SEOUL, ONLY: Korean Shorts from Orange Film

October 02 only

Curated by : Jeeyeon Min of Orange Film, these short films are made by four of the more promising young filmmakers emerging from South Korea’s thriving film industry. Jeeyeon Min  IN PERSON to introduce the show!

1. HAPPY PAPA’S BIRTHDAY! (2016. 17 mins.)
Today is the day, papa’s birthday. As usual, Dayoung’s family is acting weird.

Directed by Ryu Yeon-Su.

우리 아빠 환갑잔치 (2016)
오늘은 아버지의 환갑날, 여느 때와 다름없이 오늘도 우리 가족은 이상하다.
감독 : 류연수

2. FAMILY PLAN (2016. 27 mins.)
High school girl Jeongmin suggests a bizarre plan to her same-sex lover Yoonseong; that they have a child who looks like both of them. Nine years later, Jeongmin’s wedding, scheduled in a few days, is just the start of that scheme.

Director Ji-Yun Chung majored in film at Konkuk University and has worked on various independent films. He has directed 7 short films.

사랑하는 사람의 아이를 낳는다 (2016)
9년 전, 여고생 정민은 동성 연인인 윤성에게 서로를 닮은 아이를 갖자는 엉뚱한 계획을 말한다. 며칠 후 있을 정민의 결혼식은 그 계획의 시작일 뿐이다.
감독 : 정지윤

3. FLY TO THE SKY (2015. 14 mins.)
After Sunghwan comes back from Italy, he reunites with Kyohwan. His goal is to obtain a license to operate construction machinery. But first Kyohwan must teach Sunghwan to drive.

Directors Lee, Okseop and Koo, Kyohwan co-directed the episode, “Luv docu” from the omnibus movie NOW PLAYING.

플라이 투 더 스카이 (2015)
이태리에서 돌아온 성환이 교환과 재회한다.
감독 : 구교환, 이옥섭

4. TRIVAL MATTERS (2017. 33 mins.)
Aspiring director Dohwan, still suffering from the breakup with his girlfriend, attends the gathering of freelancers and makes the acquaintance of the strangely attractive Eunha. With her help, he begins to gain insight to what really happened with his past love and his script finally comes together. As their relationship deepens, Dohwan resists the urge to become romantically involved all over again.

Directed by Jo Yong-ik.

시시콜콜한 이야기 (2017)
감독지망생 도환은 지난 연애로 고통 받고 있는데, 프리랜서 모임에 나갔다가 이상하게 매력적인 은하를 알게 된다. 그녀의 도움으로 그는 지난 연애의 문제점을 알게 되고, 그의 시나리오 또한 해결책을 찾게 된다. 은하와 도환은 전화와 문자로 계속 가까워진다. 도환이 그녀에게 호감을 갖게 되지만, 그는 또 다시 상처받을까 두렵다.
감독 : 조용익

Total Running Time = 91 mins.




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