Popcorn for Breakfast: Saturday Morning Cartoons

March 11 only

On the second Saturday of each month, the Roxie presents an assortment of great classic cartoons (in both black & white and full color) for Saturday-morning slackers of all ages.

“The Showbiz Must Go On”

This collection of cartoons goes backstage and center stage with movies, performance, and animation about animators. From fans sneaking on sound stages to big cartoon stars giving performances their all, it’s a star studded line up of classic and rare gems that will bring the house down.

  • Bugs, Elmer Fudd, Porky – Warner Brothers – Corny Concerto
  • Felix the Cat – Mesmer – Felix Goes to Hollywood
  • Egghead – Warner Brothers – Hamateur night
  • Beans – WB – Hollywood Capers
  • Warner Brothers – Hollywood Steps Out
  • Van Beuren Studios – Making Em Move
  • Flip the Frog – Iwerks – Movie Mad
  • Cubby Bear – VanBeuren – Opening Night
  • VanBeuren – Pencil Mania – Porky
  • Warner Brothers – Porky’s Midnight Matinee
  • Popeye – Fleischer – Shakesperian Spinach
  • Fleischer – Betty Boop – Show Time

Kids under 12 years old are FREE! Kids 12 and over: just $8.00. FREE OR DISCOUNTED FOR MEMBERS


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