Popcorn for Breakfast: Saturday Morning Cartoons

On the second Saturday of each month, the Roxie presents an assortment of great classic cartoons (in both black & white and full color) for  Saturday-morning slackers of all ages.

May: Cartoons Come Home

This month, we’ve got ‘toons that know there’s no place like home. From hilarious houseguests to fixing up the homestead, this collection of black and white and full color classics invite you to pull up chair and make yourself at home.

Some of the cartoons we’ll be screening:
Bugs Bunny – “The Wabbit Who Came to Supper” (Warner Brothers)
Betty Boop – “Grampy’s House” (Fleischer)
“What Price Fleadom” (MGM)
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – “The Plumber” (Lantz)
“Wizard of Oz”(Eshbaugh)
Porky Pig – “Porky’s Pooch” (Warner Brothers)
“Somewhere in Dreamland” (Fleischer)
“Self Made Mongrel” (Famous)
Betty Boop – “House Cleaning Blues” (Fleischer)
“House of Tomorrow” (MGM)

Kids under 12 years old are FREE! Kids 12 and over: just $8.00. FREE OR DISCOUNTED FOR MEMBERS


Popcorn for Breakfast: Saturday Morning Cartoons: Upcoming Showtimes
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