First show: September 09

Negar (Linda Kiani) is about to get married to Aslan (Javad Ezzati) but she also is obsessed with the idea of moving overseas. But it is not so easy for an Iraninan woman to get visa.  She finally flees Iran illegally by her friends help and in the process she also steals money from Aslan. But Aslan who is in love with Negar, does not give up. He tries everything to go to Europe to find her and bring her back. However, to get visa it is not easy for him either. He doesn’t have any qualification nor he has a lot of cash in his bank account. Through the help of a smuggler, Agha Bahman (Amir Jafari), he tries absurd ways to get visa including pretending to becoming Christian and Gay.

“Oxidant”, an intriguing cinematic twist, is the second directing project of Hamed Mohammadi. Previously, Mohammadi’s lean scripts propelled movies such as “The Painting Pool” by Maziar Miri and “Gold and Copper” by Homayoun Asadiyan two box-office success-list, winning the attention of cinema critics and audiences at the same time.

97min, DCP, IRAN, 2017
Writer/Director: Hamed Mohammadi
Producer Manoochehr Mohammadi
Cast: Javad Ezzati, Amir Jafari, Shabnam Moghadami, Reza Behboodi, Linda Kiani


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