January 06 only


Jaco Van Dormael’s MR. NOBODY is one of those big, wonderful, ambitious films that meet with critical raves on their initial release but then need a few years to build a cult following. Thanks to the Internet, MR. NOBODY has developed a swarm of fans in the years after its release. With the appearance of Van Dormael’s latest film, THE BRAND NEW TESTAMENT, on the Roxie schedule, we wanted to take this opportunity to lend his earlier film a rare theatrical screening.

A curious mix of sci-fi, romance and drama, MR. NOBODY tells the story about Nemo Nobody, the last mortal man in an era when humans have discovered the secret to immortality. The world watches in fascination as the 118-year-old Nemo edges towards death. Curious to know of life before quasi-immortality, they interview him, using both interviews and hypnosis to extract his memories. But as he’s prodded, Nemo makes contradictory statements that expand and reveal a number of possibilities and alternative universes. The film focuses on his life at three primary points: at age 9, when his parents divorced, at age 15 when he fell in love, and at age 34 as an adult, as all three unfold into many possible outcomes.

157m/English/HD Digital



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