The Men’s Story Project: Out Loud!

March 05 only

Neighborhood Nightz is back with a groundbreaking documentary by local filmmaker Josie Lehrer. Her film highlights diverse Chilean men – celebrities, community leaders, and first-time presenters – sharing personal stories with a live audience at a popular theater in Santiago. The stories critically explore social ideas about masculinity and gender relations, and what boys are taught it supposedly means to “be a man.”

With unusual candor, the presenters boldly address topics including family relationships; men’s evolving social roles; bullying; domestic violence; violence between men; substance abuse; homosexuality and the Church; transgender identity and LGBT rights; poverty and classism; HIV/AIDS; physical disability and self-actualization; and the healing power of self-acceptance and love.

The presenters include Coco Legrand – Chile’s most beloved comic; Pedro Sánchez Melivilo – a leader of Chile’s indigenous Mapuche community; and Andrés Rivera Duarte – recipient of the Felipa de Souza Award of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. Sponsored by Amnesty International.

Produced & directed by Josie Lehrer, Sc.D. Spanish with English subtitles. 2013.

Film screening to be followed by Q & A with director Josie Lehrer, Sc.D.

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