LIGHT FIELD – Program 7

November 13 only

The first annual edition of Light Field presents an international exhibition of recent and historical experimental moving image work on celluloid.

Swamp Donkey, Sweet Sight


Colin Brant 2016 / 4 minutes / USA / 16mm / sound

An entry from the second day of calling in Kapuskasing, Ontario. Sep 21, 2013. -CB



Karissa Hahn & Andrew Kim 2016 / 11 minutes / USA / 35mm / sound


A video is a stream of information, and this moving image relies upon the relationship of static frames which are algorithmically determined…. In the language of video compression, the (I) frames are the reference points between which movement is interpolated. Manual deletion or misplacement of (I) frames results in a video glitch known as a datamosh … the stream of nformation d srupted, d sorgan zed … nterupeted … lost … the ( ) frame removed, rejected … BUT, reclaimed, the (I) frame, the burning bolts of the machine, are at once reasserted in this dance macabre…. (I) FRAME is a mechanical ballet set to the original tempo that characterizes motion on screen at 24 (I) frames a second…. shot at the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge in Pomona, CA -KH & AK

Solitary Acts (4,5,6)


Nazlı Dinçel 2015 / 25 minutes / USA / 16mm / sound

These three films are part of series that follow a female child through her teenage years while she explores her sexuality, and discovers her perversions. Hand-processed and altered images follow a labor-intensive, formal questioning of the medium. Female and male masturbation, flowers being taken apart and being put back together, extreme close-up shots of fabric and practice-kissing the mirror create a visceral, humorous and tumultuous experience of these personal memories. -ND

Luna e Santur


Joshua Gen Solondz 2015 / 11 minutes / USA / 35mm / sound

Originally commissioned as a Michael Smith/Peggy Ahwesh inspired short for Ben Coonley’s My First 3D Part 2 at Microscope Gallery, I expanded this project into what it currently is: hooded figures, violent passion, and stroboscopic tenderness brought on by a paranormal encounter I had in the summer of 2015. -JGS

Events in a Cloud Chamber


Ashim Ahluwalia 2016 / 21 minutes / India / 35mm / sound

In 1969, Akbar Padamsee, one of the pioneers of Modern Indian painting, made a visionary 16mm film called Events In A Cloud Chamber. This was one of the only Indian experimental films ever made. The print is now lost and no copies exist. Over 40 years later, filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia worked with Padamsee, now 89 years old, to remake the film. -AA

The Kiss


Luis Macías 2014 / 9 minutes / Spain / 35mm / sound

Based on the film THE KISS (T. Edison 1896) in its original 35mm format, this video-film project is based on a structural re-shooting and re-recording of the original film in all the existing formats: analog, electronic and digital, in an evolutive form. The film is a reiteration of the act of kissing. The emphasis on the kiss, repeated and multiplied, while deteriorated in it’s own progress. The history of the evolution of formats through a kiss. An intimate and aesthetic relationship between media and audiovisual formats. -LM



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