Here & Far

August 20 only

Here & Far: A collection of short films born to the screen by some of the bay areas most enthralling emerging filmmakers. Curated by Sarah Marie Flores

When Gravity ChangesWhen Gravity Changes (2009)
Written and Directed by Noel Von Joo and Ariel Dovas
Featuring the Talents of Mike Ross, Joel Goulet, Rory Bartle, Hilary Von Joo

The moon has moved closer to the Earth causing an array of surprising side effects.
Being stuck on your roof at the end of the world (as we know it) might have its perks. Spend some time with an apathetic white male stuck on a suburban rooftop on an Earth that is forever night. Strange creatures, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll carry this strange story. Intoxication is a must for this enticing take on cinema.
From the group of artist that brought you The Secret Alley Workshop in San Francisco
Shot in 2005 On Marvelous MiniDV


Vacation (2014) Written and Directed by Tracy Brown


“An unconventional young man, wheels, deals, and steals his way through the city grind, all in the pursuit of the one thing that will bring him happiness: That is, to escape.      



Vacation Trailer from Tracy Brown on Vimeo.


As Long as There is Plenty (2013)  Written and Directedby Kenneth Vaughn 

As Long as There is Plenty poster

Penniless and alone, a man struggles to marry his aspirations to reality while living in poverty. Propelled by his own delusions of what our most widely held ideals of success are, the nameless protagonist, a man debilitated by a fantasy of success which eludes him in his waking life, attempts to circumvent economic poverty while neglecting to maintain his physical and mental well-being, resulting in a body living squalor with a mind living in a dream. Isolated in a dilapidated home, his mental state begins to reflect his surroundings. The film’s nameless protagonist accommodates his delusions with his circumstances by cutting every corner, avoiding social contact and compulsively notating his physical and financial losses. To save money, he has chosen to detach himself from the outside world, his isolation, morphing into mania, leaves him with a mindset that feeds into his delusions. As time progresses, the protagonist’s meticulous obsession with his pursuit of success begins to show its self-destructive toll on his physical well being: loss of weight, lack of sunlight and malnourishment, all become apparent as his appearance disintegrates. Fighting through the problems of failing mental and physical health, our protagonist, Armed with little more than blind determination and misguided concepts of success, takes a shot at the American dream.

As Long as There is Plenty Trailer 15 from Procession Films on Vimeo.


Chaos Directed by Natalie Eakin


An experimental work using direct cell animation featuring a score by the filmmakers’ grandfather.





Bequeath the Heart By Zack Von Joo

Bequeath the Heart image

Filmmaker Zach Von Joo: “Blood is scrutinized through time. My father’s gaze and mine are bound together using optical printing and hand processing. Time changed to steam and a new essence extracted.”   (16mm, super-8) 

Million Year Check-up By Davenzane Hayes

A classic take of an old man at the doctor looking back on his life. Animation (2014)


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