The Best Dramatic Shorts of 2014 (Part Two)


105 mins.

Spaghetti for Two
Matthias Rosenberger, Betina Dubler, 18 minutes.
In a simple yet humorous fashion, “Spaghetti for Two” illustrates how prejudices and racism can lead to catastrophe.

Way Too Many Problems
Anthony Lucido, 9 minutes, 29 seconds.
Marcus has just taken his life. Wyatt and Ian discuss his motives. They’ll talk about his problems but they’ll never mention their own.

Wen-Cheng Yu, 18 minutes.
Everyone makes bad decisions. Diana makes bad decisions as well, but this time she makes it with determination.

All Ages
Laramie Dennis, 11 minutes, 52 seconds.
Seventeen-year-old Dylan and her best friend Jodi follow their favorite band to a house party and quickly realize they’re in over their heads.


Radio Gamers
Gretchen Olivero, 13 minutes, 11 seconds.
Two Gen Xer’s are inspired by a coworker’s musical trivia archive after learning of his disconcerting death.

Dawn Cobalt, 4 minutes, 53 seconds.
A man must say goodbye – but it’s a love story.

The Bartenders’ Barber
Dustin Waldman, 13 minutes, 12 seconds.
A barber gives a shave, a cabbie picks up a fare and a bartender serves people drinks: ordinary events on a not-so ordinary night.

Inertial Love
Cesar Estaban Alenda & Jose Estaban Alenda, 6 minutes.
The relationship between Javier and Anna runs out of gas. She hits the breaks and Javier is dragged by inertia until he learns to get over it.

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