Get Animated!

Jimmy Carter, Chelsea Manning, lesbian penguins, and two rabbits named Tord share the spotlight in an animation program for adults that is as wild as it is poetic.

A child inspires the monster under his bed in the delightful Bendik & the Monster. The guitar-fueled Happy Toilet delivers a “cheeky dose” of raunch, and a couple exchange body parts, making finite possibilities anything but, in the sexy and charming Beyond the Mirror’s Gaze. Identity and politics blend in the poignant Bradley Manning Had Secrets and in a very vibrant retelling of a peanut farmer’s rise to fame, Jimmy Carter. Welcome to a land of super-hip moms, demeaning social networks, and a colony of penguins in real need of a lesson. Scratch your head. Shed a tear. Split your side. It’s one wild ride.

68 min.




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