Frameline Encore: INTERSEXION

February 27 only

FRAMELINE is more than your favorite summertime film festival! From the folks who bring you the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, FRAMELINE ENCORE is a fresh, queer community screening series. This screening is free and open to the public. This pair of documentaries explores queer youth experiences as they intersect with race, class, and gender identity.

Witness how “it doesn’t suck to be intersex; it sucks to be persecuted.” Activist Mani Bruce Mitchell and friends share their powerful journey from secrecy and shame to healing and belonging in this vital emerging community transcending the gender binary system. Intersex adults recount shame and isolation, mistrust of their families, and being targeted by bullies and predators. Yet a few intersex people are simply raised as-is by accepting families, pointing to greater possibilities for self-creation and belonging in this vital emerging community.


This screening is FREE and open to the public!!!


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