Living in the sixth dimension can be tough, but we hope you’ll join the Roxie and Richard Elfman for our screening of FORBIDDEN ZONE! This show includes a live 20-minute “Mystic Knights of the Forbidden Zone” pre-show featuring music, burlesque, and director Richard Elfman live and in person, then a Q&A after the film!

With a bafflingly great cast – including Herve Villechaize, Susan Tyrell, FREEWAY director Matthew Bright and the entire Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo – including a Satanic turn by Richard’s brother, Danny Elfman, who you may have heard of – FORBIDDEN ZONE features errant animations, absurdist comedy, and some of the catchiest songs you’ve ever heard. Don’t miss this one time only screening with director in attendance!

Traveling through a gateway to the Sixth Dimension in her family’s basement, Frenchy Hercules is taken hostage by midget king Fausto and his queen, Doris. After Fausto falls in love with Frenchy, the jealous queen Doris orders her frog servant Bust Rod to lock her up.

On a quest to save his sister Frenchy, Flash journeys with Gramps into the Sixth Dimension, eventually joined by his friend Squeezit Henderson who’s transgender sister, René, sits prisoner in Cell 63 along with Frenchy and a slew of king Faust’s topless concubines.

Originally a midnight movie, Richard Elfman’s musical fantasy comedy is based off the live performances of the musical theatre troupe, The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, attempting to bring their wild cabaret style and characters to the big screen.

76m/USA/DCP (Color restoration)


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