Film School Dropouts Presents: REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS (1986)

February 22 only

“Film School Drop Outs” is the Roxie Cinema’s brand new, over the top monthly cult movie experience brought to you by Peaches Christ Productions.

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Trash drag-queen impresario Veruca Bathsalts & bona-fide film nerd Jerry Lee, lovers of all things midnight movie, will be providing an evening of live entertainment that includes audience participation, drag performance, trivia and all around mayhem, playing homage to their favorite films. These two punks at heart want to showcase dangerous women in power, b-horror, and the ultra outrageous! Become a Film School Dropout and join our class of misfits for a night out at the movies you won’t forget.



Welcome to Pride More Junior Facility for Girls, where forbidden passion and violent deaths are a shocking way of life. When two innocent teens are thrust into this world of degradation, they must battle sadistic guards as well as a violent gang of lust-crazed lesbians (lead by the legendary Wendy O. Williams of The Plasmatics)  in a hell hole gone mad with chaos and desire. Can they survive the ultimate orgy of naked rage? So young. So bad. So what?

Reform School Girls is a 1986 American film, written and directed by Tom DeSimone. It stars Linda Carol, Wendy O. WilliamsPat AstSybil Danning and Sherri Stoner, and depicts the story of Jenny (Carol), a young girl who is sent to a reform school for girls that is operated by a sadistic and evil warden, Sutter (Danning), and her henchwoman Edna (Ast). She also has to deal with the local bully Charlie (Williams).


Directed by Tom DeSimone. USA. 94 minutes.



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