October 05 only

World Premiere of Elliot, the debut feature film from Dreams For Dead Cats Productions.

Set in the dark depths of a strange and mysterious power supply complex, ELLIOT tells the tale of a conflicted humanoid (Elliot) struggling to maintain his reality and understand his true identity. Elliot is thrust into a disconcerting downward spiral of despair in which he is forced to recognize the perils of his own cognition and constructed ideals in a crumbling universe where the lines between fantasy, simulation, and reality are blurred, and the fibers of Elliot’s fragile existence are ruptured.

70 minutes. Written, Directed, and Edited by Craig Jacobson.

One Night Only 10/5. Screening starts at 7pm with cast/crew Q&A after the show. 

ELLIOT is a dire and existential social commentary on the nature of identity in a world saturated with social media and new technologies. The movie is inspired by different spiders and explores the struggle of one man grappling with his desires, the distrust of his own cognition, and the anxiety brought on by his external obligations. To fully realize the organic, grimy, and unsettling world of Elliot, we shot the movie on VHS (by no means to be nostalgic), a medium riddled with glitches and a proper grain to capture the mood and aesthetic of Elliot. We also employed vibrant lighting with high contrast throughout the production, along with handmade props, costumes, and sets to construct an entirely unique and strange alternate reality for the viewer to experience. We used all practical makeup and visual FX to give the world a tactile, gritty feel. My aim is to immerse the audience in the world of ELLIOT and hopefully stimulate questions and conversation about how the movie relates to existential issues we
face today, especially in terms of our growing relationship with social technology.


ELLIOT OFFICIAL TRAILER from Dreams for Dead Cats Productions on Vimeo.


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