DocFest: UHURU

Uhuru has a dual meaning. More readily known to us as the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, Uhuru is also Swahili for a cross between independence, freedom, and liberty. For overlooked minorities in Tanzania’s Mara Region, Uhuru is a concept far from reach. In what arrives as their documentary debut, also entitled Uhuru, Tom Gentle and Harry Truman are two filmmakers who magnify this otherwise somnolent situation. Intolerable case studies are eloquently portrayed to amplify and expose the stigma disabled minorities face daily from the community and the government, including sexual and discriminatory abuse. The documentary necessarily avoids a counter-productive victimization of its interviewed subjects, instead illustrating frank musings on the causes and the continual perpetuation of this deep-seated discrimination. Whilst highlighting the local failures, Uhuru does not neglect the global failure to consciously accept its respective acts of malpractice.

Directed by Tom Gentle. UK/Tanzania, 60 min., World Premiere


The Central African Republic. Here in the shade of sub-panel rainforests lives a tribe of the shortest people on Earth — the Baka pygmies. As it was hundreds of years ago they hunt for meat and gather gifts of big trees. They pray to the spirits of the forest and teach their children to respect the forest, to take from it only what is of great need. But little by little their traditional mode is changing under the pressure of the “Big World” culture.


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