First show: June 03

VICE Documentary Films presents this cinéma vérité portrait from filmmaking brothers Brent and Craig Renaud. Shelter tells the raw and emotional stories of the homeless kids who seek shelter at the Covenant House on the outskirts of New Orleans’ French Quarter, many of whom have already been labeled as drug addicts, schizophrenics, criminals, and outcasts.

In an era of dwindling services Covenant House is a thin thread of compassion holding back the city’s most at-risk youth from a life – or death – on the street. A Catholic organization that welcomes and affirms LGBT youth, a program of rules and structure that accommodates all in need, it transcends these apparent contradictions through its overriding mission to love and care for those who have no one and nowhere else. Shot over six months with total access, Shelter introduces us to Matty, whose mother put him on a bus with no return address. And Daniel, always threatening to return to survive by himself in the woods of Mississippi. And Liz, the most profoundly ill resident that many of the staff have ever met, and many, many more who find hope in the halls of their last refuge.

Directed by Brent Renaud & Craig Renaud. USA. 76 min. West Coast Premiere



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