Combining a wealth of recently discovered home movies, video, and written documents with artfully shot contemporary interviews and vérité footage, Memories of a Penitent Heart is a documentary that cracks open a Pandora?s box of unresolved family drama. Originating from filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo?s suspicion that there was something ugly in her family?s past, the film charts her excavation of the buried family conflict around her uncle Miguel?s death, and her search for Miguel?s partner Robert a generation later. A story about the mistakes of the past and the second chances of the present, Memories of a Penitent Heart is a cautionary tale about the unresolved conflicts wrought by AIDS and a nuanced exploration of how faith is used and abused in times of crisis.

Directed by Cecilia Aldarondo, USA. 74 min. 
Co-presented with Frameline.



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