Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek

November 22 only
Filmmaker Leah Mahan in person with Turkey Creek heroes
Rose Johnson and Derrick Evans as well as Leslie Fields, Sierra Club director of Environmental Justice, and Reilly Morse, director of the Mississippi Center for Justice.

03_Turkey-Creek_2003_©Leah-MahanCome Hell or High Water follows the painful but inspiring journey of Derrick Evans, a Boston teacher who moves home to coastal Mississippi when the graves of his ancestors are bulldozed to make way for the sprawling city of Gulfport. Bay Area filmmaker Leah Mahan worked on the documentary over the course of a decade, as Derrick and his neighbors stand up to powerful corporate interests and politicians and face ordeals that include Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil disaster. This film is about their struggle for self-determination and environmental justice and shows the resilience of a community that stands together for their rights.

s_01_Turkey Creek_2005_©SAWfoto.com_by Spencer Weiner“This powerful documentary illustrates a classic case of environmental injustice and exposes raw in-your-face Mississippi racial politics. Come Hell or High Water is a perfect lesson that we are not living in a post-racial era.” ~ Dr. Robert Bullard, ‘father of environmental justice’


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